Almost There – Now I’m Even Dreaming About Sex!

Blade Thomas’ GAINSWave Story – Part 6 of 8

With better orgasms at 65 than when he was a teenager, Blade’s confidence is soaring. Check out blog #6 and see how Blade’s walking with a little more pep in his step.

Blade’s nearing the end of his GAINSWave journey with a little more spring in his step and newfound overall confidence.

What a long strange trip it’s been. I’m pleased and notice I seem to be walking around with a little extra spring in my step and I’m feeling very positive, not just about my erections, but about my whole life. It’s good!

My Moment of Truth … Treatment #5 of 6

Ok. I’m two-thirds through this 6-treatment therapy called GAINSWave. This is the first non-surgical, non-medical therapy that offers men an organic solution for ED as well as enhanced and sustained erection quality.

I’ve completed 4 of my 6 treatments and this is my report on #5. I’m making steady progress and I have been waking up with a fairly stiff erection the past week and a half. This “morning sensation” really feels good. It makes me feel younger, sexy too.

I’ve also noticed enhanced orgasms. I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but I’m having better orgasms at age 65 than I ever had, even as a teenager. I know that seems kind of weird. At least I think it’s a little weird. But, I must say, I do enjoy this new-found sensation!

I’m Glad I Had The Guts & Determination to Try GAINSWave

I’m Glad I Had The Guts & Determination to Try GAINSWaveIn the beginning I was paranoid that all this GAINSWave stuff was just nonsense and I was falling for some type of medical scam because I was desperate to get my mojo back. But I don’t feel that way anymore.  In fact, I’m really glad I had the guts and determination to get my erections back so I can make love to my woman in California over the Thanksgiving holiday.

I overcame my denial about having ED because I knew if I got in bed with my lady, and couldn’t get it up, I would be crushed as a man, and she would probably never want to see me again. This is a woman I have great passion for. So great that I put myself on a mission to find the best, fastest, most reliable and natural way to turn my flaccid penis into a rock-hard membrane again. That’s the how and why I found GAINSWave.

If you’ve read my other five posts, you know the drill I go through each time I show up for my treatment sessions. I check in, get the numbing cream, apply it, wait for it to take effect in the lobby, and notice that there are now 4 guys waiting for their treatment. When I first came, I was the only one in the lobby, now it appears business is booming and the lobby waiting room suddenly seems crowded.

The nurse calls my name, collects my questionnaire and escorts me to treatment room #3.

Today is no different than all my other treatment days. I like that it’s no different. I like knowing what I can expect when I come for treatment. This time an old friend enters after the knock on the door. It is my buddy Juan. I say, “Hi Juan. Good to see you. The first man I ever let touch my penis for twenty minutes!”

He laughs and says, “Mr. Thomas! Good to see you! How’s your hot girlfriend in California?”

“Hotter than ever,” I say. “I really like those blue tabs! I’m going to run out in a week or so. Can I get more?”

Juan says, “Sure, just let me know what you want. Did you ever try the red enhancement tabs? They are for 30-40 minutes before you want to have sex. Many of the guys say they are really good too. Fast acting and potent.

Now, what about your erection quality? Are you there yet? Only one month before Thanksgiving and in a week you’ll be finishing your last treatment.”

I say, “Well, I’m almost there. My erections are at about 70%. I’ve got a good quality morning hard-on and a good 70% erection when I masturbate. Maybe good enough for penetration, but I’d really like a stronger, harder erection. That’s why I keep coming back!”

Juan says, “I understand. Let’s give you your sound waves pulses in the next 20 minutes and see if we can help you get closer to 100%.”

95-Year Old Man Still Getting Erections Thanks to GAINSWave

And so, it goes. Juan always has some interesting science or anecdotal stories about his clients and their success to share with me during our treatment conversations. This time he says to me, “Blade, you always comment on how old you are at age 65. You know, I have a patient that is on his 11th treatment. He’s 95 and he says he couldn’t be happier because he’s still able to get erections thanks to GAINSWave. Imagine that, at age 95! I think that’s going to be you in another 30 years!”

I say, “Juan, from your lips to G_d’s ears. I hope I live to be 95 and I can still get erections! For me, that would be a great end of life situation!”

Then Juan tells me more about the Lo-intensity, Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (Li-ESWT) that is the core of GAINSWave Therapy.

Enhanced Blood Flow Has Many Benefits

He says, “Since the shock waves create enhanced blood flow, it is also being used to treat musculoskeletal disorders, like when people get hurt lifting heavy objects, or moving awkwardly on the job; or when athletes get injured during training or in competition. They are even finding it beneficial for myocardial infarction (heart attacks), non-healing wounds, and of course, as you know erectile dysfunction.”

The latest news in shock wave therapy is that they are developing the protocols for women to use this procedure to enhance vaginal lubrication, vaginal muscle control and increase orgasm sensations. It’s called FemiWave.

Enhancing blood flow has many benefits for tissue and organ function. It’s a great alternative to many common medical procedures that were only possible through surgery or medication.

I finish treatment #5 feeling strong. My mission is moving towards success and my goal is in sight. I can’t wait for session #5 to go to work and then, next week it will be #6! Wow!

What a long strange trip it’s been. I’m pleased and notice I seem to be walking around with a little extra spring in my step and I’m feeling very positive, not just about my erections, but about my whole life. It’s good!

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