What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

Blade Thomas’ GAINSWave Story – Part 2 of 8

Blade overcomes his trepidation about the GAINSWave therapy and experiences his first treatment. His pleasant experience reassures him he’s on the right path to reversing his erectile dysfunction for good.

My Moment of Truth … Treatment #1 of 6

I started thinking of this first treatment as my moment of truth, but the real truth is that in this process there are many, many moments of truth. This first treatment was simply scary for me. It was also embarrassing, uncomfortable, and mildly inconvenient. Here’s what happened my first day of GAINSWave® therapy.

I did my research about the best, most advanced, non-invasive, high-tech methods to cure erectile dysfunction (ED).

I paid the money. I don’t like to spend money on stuff like this, but at age 65 I needed a miracle in the penis department to even have a chance of living happily ever after.

I made my first appointment for this new therapy (it has actually been around for about 15 years with more than 40 double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies to prove that it works), and now is the moment of truth because it is time for my first treatment.

In my mind, I’m asking myself, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Less than a week ago I agreed to partake in an anti-ED therapy called GAINSWave so I can make love to a beautiful woman… with a strong, hard erection. This is my quest, to erase my ED and be the virile, sexy man I have always been. If you are a man that can still get hard erections on demand, then you probably think I am crazy.

The truth is I am crazy.

Crazy for the sexual pleasures of love-making only a man can know.

Crazy to want to please a woman sexually, who wants to please me as much as I want to please her, and crazy to think this is possible for me at age 65.

For some men, ED is psychological. For me, it is physical. I know this because I am almost always still thinking of sex, but my penis no longer responds like it did for MY WHOLE LIFE! The decline in my erectile function started about a decade ago. At first, I paid little attention and simply sought out a more exotic movie in my mind ….

Eventually, I recognized that I was simply not able to get rock-hard erections any more. I denied this for the longest time because I could still masturbate and have orgasms. But all that changed when I met a woman who made the #1 condition of our relationship … sex.

I chose GAINSWave Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy, where high frequency, low intensity sound waves are used to create better circulation and generate new capillaries in the penile tissue resulting in better blood flow and stronger erections.

The Journey of My First Treatment

Now I am in my car driving to my first appointment and feeling insecure, vulnerable, and wondering what the heck I was thinking. I was thinking about my dick, of course, that was it. Even at my age, I still seem to do most of my important thinking with my penis in mind. So, that’s what keeps me on track and focused as I pull into the parking lot.

I wonder, “What will it be like? How will they apply these sound waves to shock my penis back into action? Is this like penis CPR? They say it is painless, but what if it hurts? Will the new blood flow happen right away? What if I get an erection during the treatment? Who will be doing the treatments to me?”

My First GAINSWave TreatmentAll these questions may seem kind of dumb, but when you’re about to get this therapy for the first time, they seem like really good questions that I probably should have asked Adam, my rep, when I set up my six treatment appointments.

I’m Here for My 11:30 Appointment

So, I walk in the door and see a good-looking receptionist. I shyly say, “Hi. I’m Blade Thomas and I’m here for my 11:30 appointment. She says, “Hi, Mr. Thomas” then looks at her computer screen, finds my name and appointment, and says, “Great. The first thing you’ll need to do is apply the numbing cream. It’s easy to do. Here are the instructions. You can use the bathroom around corner, on the right. Be sure to wash your hands afterwards and be careful not to get any of the cream in your eyes.”

She hands me a plastic syringe (no needle) that looks like the one from my kid’s toy “doctor kit” from the ‘80s. It’s filled with white cream. I go into the bathroom, read the instructions which basically say, drop your drawers, put this cream all over your penis, testicles, and immediate groin area. And, be sure wash your hands so you don’t accidentally get it in your eyes.

Ok, I think. I shouldn’t put this stuff in my eyes; just my penis, balls and immediate groin area. Done; now I throw the plastic syringe in the trash, wash my hands thoroughly, and walk back out to the reception area. The receptionist tells me to have a seat, fill out the one-page questionnaire she hands me on a clipboard, and someone will be with me shortly.

I sit down, watch a little ESPN on the big flat screen, and peruse the cascade of business and sports magazines on the table. The numbing cream doesn’t have any sensation. I guess that’s why they call it numbing cream.

The questionnaire is just a few questions about the quality of my erections. At first I want to cheat and say they are better than they really are, but then I realize that this is the tool they will use to measure my progress and the effectiveness of the treatment for me. So, I decide to be completely honest and reveal that I haven’t had an erection hard enough for penetration in probably a year or two … or three. After about 10 minutes a nurse comes out with a folder in her hands, takes the questionnaire and puts it in the folder. She says, “Mr. Thomas, come with me. You’ll be in treatment room #3.”

As we walk down the hall to treatment room #3, I think, “Is she the one that will be touching my penis?”
She leads me into treatment room #3, and says that my nurse practitioner will be Vanessa, and she will be with me in a few minutes. I say ok and lay down on the reclining medical lounge chair.

I look around at all the equipment to determine which one is the acoustic sound shock wave device. I also see on the walls anatomical diagrams of the penis and vagina, as well as several doctor diplomas from various colleges and universities. All in all, it’s a pretty typical examination room, a little larger than most.
Blade Thomas
By Blade Thomas
Medical & Science Writer

This is an ongoing story about my journey with the GAINSWave® ED therapy. I take you on my quest to regain my manhood from the ED graveyard, and make love to the woman of my dreams. If you haven’t read my previous Blog Posts, check them out –
Then the door opens and in walks Vanessa. I think, “Wow, she sure is pretty.”

I Can’t Feel Anything!

Nothing sexual is in my mind, because I can’t feel anything in my penis, and it’s just not the type of environment that gets me excited. This numbing cream really goes to work fast! She asks me a few casual conversational questions. We talk for a few minutes about the weather, my job, my family; she asks if the numbing cream has taken effect.

I say, “Yes. It’s working. I can’t feel a thing.”

She says, “Ok, Mr. Thomas. Lay back and relax and I will apply this gel to your penis.” She rolls the device up next to me and says, “This is the Low-intensity Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy machine that will emit sound waves for your GAINSWave treatment session.

Pulsing Acoustic Shock Waves

It makes a little noise, but I didn’t feel anything except a possible sound vibration or minor tactile sensation. The treatment lasted approximately 20 minutes and it delivered pulsing shock waves of low intensity and high frequency at about 2.5 sound waves every second.

The sound waves work to break up micro-plaque in your penile tissue and help to create new capillaries to enhance blood flow to the tissue around the area.
Pulsing Acoustic Shock Waves - Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
She applies the gel and then starts the acoustic sound wave machine. I hear a low intensity sound coming from the machine. It’s not a high or low sound; more of a medium pitch sound. She is wearing latex gloves and holding the device in one hand as the sound emitting tip glides slowly to every part of my penis and groin area for the entire 20 minutes. She is very thorough and systematic in her treatment protocol.

While administering the therapy, we talk about our families. We find we have a lot in common being single parents and develop a kind of instant comradery during our short treatment session. She is a Miami Heat fan, I am a Laker fan. We both like basketball.

She tells me about some of her past patients and the results they’ve had after treatment session #1. She notes that with my level of ED it may take 2-3 treatments before I will be able to notice an improvement in my erections. She encourages me and says many men my age, older and younger, have had really great results that have changed their lives for the better. She says that sexual health is an important part of being truly healthy.

I Know I Am on the Right Path

She tells me all this with such compassion, conviction and knowledge, that it makes sense to me and I know that I am on the right path to get my erections back. This is a really good feeling for me since as I get older, I am always confronted with my own mortality and the question about how many more years I have left to live. Whatever that number is, I want to have sex be in the mix and I want to feel relevant and alive with love and passion.

Normally when a beautiful woman touches my penis I get all kinds of sexual thoughts running through my mind. Not this time. I am on my best behavior and Vanessa is an absolute professional. She not only administered my shock waves, but is also very perceptive, personable and a good conversationalist. I felt comfortable and at ease in her presence, with no sexual overtones or hidden agendas.

The Numbing Cream Wears Off in About an Hour

At the end of the session, Vanessa told me the numbing cream would wear off in about 2-4 hours. She gave me a towel to wipe the gel off and told me to be sure to come a little early to my next appointment to put the numbing cream on before my treatment session.

This was a remarkable experience for something as intimate as a medical procedure involving therapy for my penis. I was impressed that everything went so smoothly and professionally. No seedy energy or weirdness, just good medical technology to help me overcome my ED with a machine that increases blood flow and creates new capillaries in the penial tissue.

“You can get dressed now,” said Vanessa.” Come to the reception area and confirm your next appointment.”

I got dressed, went to the reception area and saw two other men wanting for their treatment sessions. I’m guessing they were waiting for the numbing cream to take effect, and for the next available treatment room.

The receptionist confirmed my upcoming appointment and noted that I would receive a reminder call the day before and a text message the day of my appointment.

I Survived with No Apparent Damage

That was it. Whew! I was out the door and glad to have survived with no apparent damage to my penis. It didn’t feel good, but it didn’t feel bad either. Guess it’s pretty good numbing cream. That wasn’t so bad, I think. Maybe I should step up my schedule and get all my appointments in a shorter amount of time … maybe not.
Maybe I should just get in the car and go back to work like nothing happened. Yes, I think. That’s what I should do. That’s a good idea. Stick to the plan. Adhere to the schedule. Get the results.

By the way, if you are interested in trying the GAINSWave procedure, learn if you are a candidate.

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