I Thought I Felt Something, But I’m Not Sure

Blade Thomas’ GAINSWave Story – Part 3 of 8

Blade has a momentary freak out about his GAINSWave treatment, but with a little help from his practitioner, he’s able to stay the course on his journey to regain his mojo!

My Moment of Truth … Treatment #2 of 6

I’ve overcome all my denial, paid the money, showed up at the first treatment session, survived, and now I’m back for #2.

Round #2, same start as #1. Get the numbing cream, apply it. Sit in waiting room, fill out questionnaire. Nurse comes and once again says, “Mr. Thomas, come with me to treatment room #3.” As I’m walking down the hall I think to myself, “It will be good to see Vanessa again.”

Once again, the nurse says, “Have a seat. Your nurse practitioner will be with you in a few minutes. I sit down on the medical lounge chair and lay back making myself comfortable. The door opens and it is a man. He says, “Hi Mr. Thomas, my name is Juan, and I’ll be administering your treatment today.”

I Am in Total Shock!

For some reason, I am totally freaked out. In my mind I am saying, “WTF! A dude is going to touch my penis? This is a little too much for me. I want the beautiful girl named Vanessa!” Of course, I don’t say this, but I am still in shock.

So, I say to Juan, “Juan, nice to meet you. I thought Vanessa was my nurse practitioner.” Juan says, “She’s off today.”

Now Juan is a kind and gentle soul; a genuinely nice person, but I’m just not used to 25-35 year old men, or men of any age, touching my junk … for 20 minutes!

I can feel my blood pressure rising. I can feel the anxiety, and again I ask myself, “What have I gotten myself into?” I never imagined a man would be administering my treatment sessions. I kept thinking, “This is some kind of bait and switch, candid-camera joke! First, I get the beautiful woman. Now I get the dude! Oh shit!”

But Juan is cool; much cooler than me. He doesn’t acknowledge my displeasure or pay any attention to my rising blood pressure. He simply sits down and says, “So what’s going on? Did you notice anything different after your first treatment?”

Why Are You Here?

I say, “Not really. I thought I felt something, but I’m not sure.” Juan says, “Blade, that’s an unusual name. Is that your real name?” I answer, “Yes, I don’t know what my parents were thinking, but it is my real name.  Don’t ask me to show you my knife.” Juan laughs, and then replies, “Blade, why are you here, what’s the reason you want to get your erections back?”

I’m not really expecting this kind of a question from Juan. But as I think about it, it really brings me back to my mission and why I’m here. So, I say to Juan, “I’ve met the hottest woman of my life and her requirement for having a relationship with me is that I am sexy and can give her some good loving and a night to remember!”

Juan coolly says, “Well, Blade, you’ve come to the right place. Does she know that you’ve got ED and you are doing this therapy to cure it?”

I say, “No. We’ve only met once and our entire relationship is based on this three hour one-time meeting, plus hours of hot online texting and two months of steamy telephone conversations. She’s beautiful, she’s sexy, and she likes to talk dirty. She’s also an art professor at a top university, a fine artist, plays the cello, sculptor, and retired ballerina. The first week of our conversations she asked me if I preferred bikini or Brazilian. I said I prefer Brazilian. And she said, “Right answer!”

“I see,” said Juan. “So, this is really important for you, this woman of your dreams?”

I’ve Got to Get My Mojo Back

I’ve Got to Get My Mojo Back“Yes,” I replied. “I’m 65, and 65-year-old guys don’t get opportunities like this … ever! This is the kind of woman I could finish my life with, Juan. I would love to live the rest of my days with a woman like this. She’s 61 and looks utterly fantastic. She’s got that ballerina body. It’s really a wonderful thing of beauty….and she plays the cello. She’s a sculptor, too.

“OMG! Juan, I’ve got to get my mojo back! And, I need to get it back by Thanksgiving. I’m flying back to spend the week of Thanksgiving together and that will be my moment of truth with her.”

Juan says, “Ok. Let’s get to work. Has the numbing cream taken effect?” I say, “Yes. I’m ready.”

Juan says, “Lay back and get comfortable. We’ll be here for 20 minutes. And one more thing, you might want to tell her what you are doing. There are a lot of things going on while you do this therapy. It’s good to get support from your intimate partner so you don’t feel like you are doing this all by yourself.”

I say, “Yes. I’ll think about that.”

Helped Me Overcome My Fears

I didn’t realize it at the time, but Juan was quite the master at getting me to overcome my fears of having a man administer my treatment sessions. He could tell I was upset and calmed me down without addressing the issue. He got me focused on purpose and back to my mission in just a few minutes.

We are now about 5 minutes into the treatment and Juan asks if I know what the sound waves are doing. I say, I think so. I respond by saying that I think the sound waves are increasing blood flow. He says yes, and then goes into a more detail.

He says, “The sound waves are repairing and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. They are also removing micro-plaque that restricts the blood flow in your penis. It’s this blockage that causes ED.

Hemodynamics & Neo-Vascularization

Blood flow is the science of hemodynamics.

Creating new capillaries is called ‘Neo-Vascularization.’

‘Neo,’ meaning new, and ‘Vascularization” is the organic process where the tissue becomes more vascular, creating new capillaries. “Neo-Vascularization,” it’s a big word, but it’s really amazing, and that’s what is happening to your penile tissue with each GAINSWave Therapy Session.


The doctors refer to this development of new blood vessels as ‘angiogenesis.’

I say to Juan, “I had no idea you were so scientific, Juan.”

He says, “Oh, not really. I’ve learned a lot from the doctors, and even though my explanation seems scientific, it’s really the simplified version of how science, medicine, and technology have merged to create a really great alternative to surgery and pills for men who want to have healthy sex lives for as long as they live.”

I say, “That would be me, Juan. I want that! So GAINSWave doesn’t just treat the symptoms of ED, it repairs the damaged penile tissue and creates better blood flow?”

Tune-ups Keep the Blood Flowing

“Yeah, that’s right,” says Juan. “The studies show that for some men the repair lasts a few months, maybe a year. For others it lasts a few years. If you find this works for you, like many men, you can come back periodically and get tune-ups to keep the blood flowing. It’s a great non-invasive way to maintain your sexual health.

Do You Still Masturbate?

“Ok. We’re done for today. Here’s a towel to wipe the gel away. One more question, do you still masturbate?”

I say, “Uh … yes.”

Juan says, “Great. Your penis works like a muscle. It’ll help stimulate blood flow and get things moving again. Can you do that?”

I say, “Sure. I can do that. No problem.” I’m thinking, no problem at all. I can even do that even three times a day if it will help me achieve my erection goal.

And so, I end session #2 the same way I ended session #1. I confirm my next appointment with the receptionist and depart feeling good that I have completed my second GAINSWave Treatment.

Two treatments down and four to go!  I wonder when I will experience a spontaneous erection suitable for penetration, like the good old days.

Hopefully, soon, Thanksgiving is coming!

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