10 Weeks to My Erection Recovery

Blade Thomas’ GAINSWave Story – Part 1 of 8

At Age 65, My New Love Inspired Me to Find a Way to Revive My Semi-limp Penis – to Rock-Hard Status – and I Only Had 10 Weeks to Do it!

I have always been a sexual man.

But within the last few years, I have noticed a dramatic and steady decline in the quality of my erections. In fact, what stunned me the most was the realization that I couldn’t even get hard enough for a sustained penetration.

My mind was still feeling the sexual urge, but my penis was not responding like it had for the past 50+ years.

Living in Denial

For me, this was devastating even at the age of 65.

Yes, I lived in denial as the gradual but imminent decline was happening, but recently I met a lady online that was everything I wanted in a woman. The core of our attraction was sexual and intellectual. We experienced this intimacy by chatting online and on the phone.

This Was a Hot & Sexy Long-distance Romance

This Was a Hot & Sexy Long-distance RomanceIn many of our conversations she mentioned that she was very sexual and hoped I was sexual too. She said that most men my age couldn’t get it up anymore and asked if I still could. I, of course, lied and said I could.

She mentioned that she knew if she wanted to get good “sex,” she had to be willing to give good “sex,” and she knew how to please a man, and give her partner the ultimate pleasures to drive him crazy.

I had never heard such directness from a woman before. Plus, this woman was an art professor at a prominent university. She was also a fine artist, a retired ballerina, a sculptor, and played the cello. She was, in my mind’s eye, amazingly beautiful!

I thought, OMG! Wow! All that talent, all that training, and a magnificently supple body at age 61! This, I thought, was the woman I had been searching for. This was the one!

The only problem was that she had already had a 30-year marriage with very little sex, and she was not interested in a man who couldn’t get it up anymore. She wanted a man in her life that was going to give her some good loving when she wanted – and needed it.

She Wanted to Know if I Was That Man

I assured her that I was, and that I was ready and eager to please her sexual prowess.

We had met briefly for a few hours before I got relocated to work on the east coast. I could feel we had a chemistry and physical attraction. So, we planned to spend the week of Thanksgiving together at her place.

This was good because it gave me a full 12 weeks to find a therapy that could revive my penis so I could give the lady what she wanted. I booked my flight on JetBlue to the west coast for Thanksgiving and never felt happier!

Started Searching for ED Remedies & Cures

I went online and started searching for ED remedies and cures. I needed to go from limp – to rock hard – in less than three months. For some strange reason, I actually thought I could do this and that it was possible.

I looked into testosterone replacement therapy, human growth hormone therapy, and the various medications and injections I had tried in my earlier years.

Then, almost by the grace of G_d, I heard an ad on local radio that made the promise of no surgery or pills! A technique so new and advanced, men were waiting in line to get their appointments for this amazing noninvasive medical approach to combat erectile dysfunction.

Acoustic Sound Waves Unblock Arteries in The Penis & Create New Capillaries To Enhance Blood Flow!

The technique is called GAINSWave® and it uses acoustic sound waves to unblock arteries in the penis and create new capillaries to enhance blood flow resulting in harder erections, increased penis size and enhanced penile sensations.

I thought, “This is too good to be true!” I had never heard such claims … increased size! Enhanced sensations! No pills!

I am not a doctor, chemist, or research scientist. But I’m no dummy either. When I got home I immediately Googled GAINSWave and found they had a really good, educational website. It also listed all the doctors that are now part of the GAINSWave nationwide provider network.

The website, GAINSWave.com, also provided medical and technical explanations of the procedure and that it has been proven effective in many double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials. Just in case you are not familiar with these types of clinical studies, they are considered the “gold-standard” for medical research.

Just A Simple 20-Minute Procedure

As I poured through the research, I discovered, in detail, that the process utilizes acoustic sound waves to enhance blood flow to the penis and testicles. There is no pain, no needles, no pills, and no surgery. Just a simple 20-minute procedure administered by a physician or healthcare provider using a device that radiates sound waves at specific frequencies and modulations to create new capillaries and to unblock clogged arteries in the penis.

There were also links to the actual clinical studies. I clicked on these links and read the studies myself. I focused mostly on the Abstract Summaries and reviewed the clinical results. Not all the test subjects got the same results, but 60% to 70% got the results I was looking for. That’s what sold me.

If I had a 60% to 70% chance of getting a hard penis again without all the traditional nonsense of medications, injections, pumps, and implants, I wanted to take a closer look at this new therapy to cure men of erectile dysfunction.

I Called Them!

gainswave representativeQuite frankly, this is a call I never wanted to make, and furthermore, never thought I would make.

Trust me, no man wants to talk to another man about how his dick doesn’t get hard anymore, and I was no different.

But I wanted to make love again, so I called and spoke to a provider in my area. My representative’s name was Adam, and he made it easy for me to get the additional information I needed to see if this was for me.

Since I had read the studies and spent time perusing the details on the website, I was relatively convinced this was something I wanted to try for myself.

The big questions I had for Adam were:

  1. How long does it take to notice good results? (Remember, I only have 12 weeks to get the results I need to be able to have incredible sex with my art professor/ballerina/cellist.)
  2. With my medical history (yes, I have medical issues), do I fit the profile of a patient who normally gets good results?

Adam wasted no time and had the answers to all my questions. He also had some questions of his own to help determine if GAINSWave was going to solve my ED problem.

Answer #1.

Adam said, “You could do six sessions in six weeks. One per week, if that fits your schedule. Here are the appointments I have available. I’ll email them to you now.”

We looked through the schedule and it appeared that it would be difficult for me to get into the office for the treatments at the times available. So, we opted for a modified schedule that worked out to one session every 10-12 days. That gave me 8-10 weeks to get the full six sessions.

I thought, perfect. That’ll give me enough time to revive my hard-on status to full erection, just in time for Thanksgiving! What a wonderful treat for myself, my manhood, and my new art professor/ballerina/cellist girlfriend.

Then Came the Hard Part (no pun intended).

Adam said he would need to hear a little bit about my medical history and that he would email me a medical questionnaire to fill out prior to my first GAINSWave Therapy treatment. Adam’s question was simple:

Answer #2.

“How’s your health?” He asked.

I said ok, I’ve got a few issues you should probably know about.

  • First, I’m a diabetic. I was diagnosed about 12 years ago. I inject 25 units of insulin every night before bed. My fasting blood sugar is between 90-110 every morning.
  • Next, I am a quadruple-bypass heart surgery survivor. My surgery was around 11 years ago and my cardiologist says my heart is in good shape.
  • I’ve got neuropathy with diminished feeling in my legs and feet, but I can walk 10 miles at one time if I need to, and I take good care of my feet.
  • I’m also in 4th stage kidney failure. My eGRF is around 24, and my nephrologist is giving me a few meds, and advises me to keep a clean diet with greatly reduced salt intake.
  • I take a high-quality Omega -3 daily, as well as Astaxanthin, Vitamin D3, and an 81 mg baby aspirin.

Adam said, “Is that it?”

I said, “Yup. That’s about it. Sometimes I think I’m getting a little hard of hearing too. What do you think? Am I a good candidate for GAINSWave Therapy?”

I Think You’re a Great Candidate

Adam said, “I think you’re a great candidate. All of your health issues stem from diabetes, and erectile dysfunction is a common symptom from diabetes. Since GAINSWave does not require any medications, there’s nothing to worry about there.”

All you have to do is complete the medical questionnaire and include a complete list of all your medications before your first session, and you are good to go.

I said, “Great!” Do you take MasterCard or Visa? He said, “Yes, we take both.”

So, that was it. We scheduled my first GAINSWave session for the following Tuesday at 12:30 PM (Since I was at a new job, I decided to schedule my sessions during my lunch break).

My conversation with Adam lasted less than 30 minutes. I was, of course, nervous, but hopeful. The whole process was painless and easy, and we did it all on the phone!

I couldn’t believe that I was actually doing something so great for myself. I already felt better, no longer living in denial and finally on the road to Penis Erection Recovery! I noticed a little extra spring in my step as I made my way to the parking lot for the ride home.

I Could Be Having Great Sex Again!

Wow, I thought. I could be having great sex again! Won’t that be fantastic?!

When I got home, I got an email from my girlfriend. She was asking if I preferred “bikini or Brazilian?” I emailed back, “You mean bikini like a trim or Brazilian like completely smooth?”

She emailed, “Yes honey, that’s exactly what I mean.” I replied, “Well, Brazilian, of course!” She responded, “Good! That’s exactly what you’ll get for Thanksgiving.”

It was at that very moment I knew I had made a wise choice. GAINSWave here I come (no pun intended)!

Read Blog Post #2 To See What Happens Next!

If you’d like to know how this story turns out, stay tuned for blog post #2. I’m going to take you on my personal journey of Penis Erection Recovery (PER)!

I’ll share with you the details of my six GAINSWave Therapy treatments, and all the craziness going through my head while acoustic sound waves were rebuilding the capillaries, creating new blood flow to enhance sensations, increase my penis size, and of course, stronger firmer, longer lasting erections!

Find out for yourself if all this is really possible!

To Be Continued…

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