How Sound Waves Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction

With around 10% of American men struggling with ongoing erectile dysfunction, it’s one of the most common sexual health issues facing men today. If you’re one of those men, you might think your only options are short-term solutions, like ED pills and penis pumps, or invasive surgery. While these treatments can help, acoustic wave therapy is a natural solution for ED that delivers long-term results.

Before you decide on an ED treatment, learn more about how acoustic wave therapy can treat ED and its many benefits.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, consider using GAINSWave® therapy to help you get back to a healthy sexual life.

What Is Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED

Often called shockwave therapy, acoustic wave therapy for ED employs high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to treat the primary causes of ED. During treatment, a provider uses an acoustic wave therapy machine for erectile dysfunction. This machine features a small, wand-like device that a trained clinician will hold and move across the surface of the penis. 

While the clinician employs the acoustic wave therapy machine, the sound waves will break up plaque formation in the penis. Since plaque clogs blood vessels in the penis and reduces blood flow, acoustic wave therapy focuses on removing it to promote greater blood flow, which is necessary for a strong erection. 

Alongside removing plaque, the sound waves will wake up dormant stem cells and promote new cell growth. By waking up dormant stem cells, the sound waves make it possible for your body to repair penile scar tissue and increase penile sensitivity naturally. The new cell growth will also cause new blood vessels to form in the penis, with these vessels giving your blood more pathways to flow into your penis and power your erection.

How Effective Is Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED? 

Since acoustic wave therapy targets the primary causes of ED, it has a proven track record of effectively treating ED. In fact, a review of over 100 clinical studies found that acoustic wave therapy has a greater than 75% success rate at treating ED. Alongside being effective at treating ED, acoustic wave therapy offers long-term relief, with positive results often lasting for around two years following treatment.

Benefits of Treating ED With Acoustic Wave Therapy

As a highly-effective treatment for ED, acoustic wave therapy provides several benefits to patients. Whether you’re looking for a non-invasive treatment option or want to increase pleasure during sex, acoustic wave therapy is an excellent choice. Find out more about the top benefits of acoustic wave therapy below:

  • Non-invasive: If ED pills don’t work for you, you might be considering an invasive surgery, where a provider will insert rods into your penis. As you might expect, this treatment option is very invasive, requires downtime after surgery, and can come with complications like infections. In contrast, acoustic wave therapy is an entirely painless therapy that doesn’t require surgery or any downtime afterward. As a result, many men can avoid the risks of surgery by trying acoustic wave therapy before they sign up for a potentially dangerous treatment option.
  • Long-term relief: As discussed previously, acoustic wave therapy tends to provide around two years of relief from ED after treatment is completed. This long-term relief means men can free themselves from having to take an ED pill, inject medication, or use a penis pump every time they want to have sex. Since acoustic wave therapy works for years, you can reclaim your spontaneity and reduce your dependence on ED medications. 
  • Potential for greater sensitivity and pleasure: When you receive acoustic wave therapy for ED, the sound waves break down scar tissue and release stem cells. By removing scar tissue and promoting new cell growth, acoustic wave therapy essentially rejuvenates your penile tissue, resulting in increased sensitivity. Some men also report having stronger orgasms after treatment, making sex more enjoyable. Due to these benefits, some men without ED use acoustic wave therapy for sexual enhancement.
  • Increased confidence: Since acoustic wave therapy provides long-term relief from ED, it can help build your confidence in bed. Instead of having to worry about taking a pill at the right time or using a cumbersome device, acoustic wave therapy allows you to be as spontaneous as you’d like with your partner. This ability to be spontaneous can reduce ED-related anxiety, resulting in increased confidence and more enjoyable sex. 

Find a GAINSWave®-Certified Acoustic Wave Therapy Provider Near You

If you’re interested in receiving acoustic wave therapy and the benefits associated with it, GAINSWave is ready to serve you. As the leader in sexual wellness, GAINSWave is proud to help men across the country treat their ED with acoustic wave therapy. To make treatment easy and convenient, we provide a nationwide network of certified acoustic wave therapy providers. Before we accept any provider into our network, they must meet our rigorous standards for equipment and treatment protocols, ensuring patients receive an exceptional treatment experience.

Learn more about acoustic wave therapy for ED today. If you’re interested in receiving shockwave therapy for ED, take our short candidacy questionnaire. Once your candidacy is determined, use our directory to find a GAINSWave-certified provider near you.

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