Wisdom From Our Polyamorous Elders with Susan Bratton

Intimacy expert Susan Bratton shares her wisdom as a polyamorous woman on the Relationship Diversity Podcast 


Discover the keys to unlocking the joys of relationship diversity as Susan Bratton, an authority on intimacy, sits down to bring a treasure trove of insights into the realms of polyamory, communication, and deep connection. This episode is a roadmap to understanding and nurturing the unique needs within any relationship, especially within the intricate polycule dynamic. Susan, with her infectious enthusiasm, unpacks the lessons from generations of relationship diversity, offering strategies from sexual biohacking to fostering lifelong passion. You’re in for an enlightening discussion that not only highlights the beauty of diverse relationships but also the pivotal role of communication in making every intimate encounter meaningful.

Susan introduces you to the “platinum rule” of relationships, underscoring the importance of treating partners according to their desires and needs. You’ll learn how this rule distinguishes itself from the old “golden rule” and how it can enhance understanding and fulfillment within your own relationships.

This episode is your invitation to transform your relationships through the profound journey of self-exploration with practical steps and exercises that can set you on a path to more compassionate and loving connections.

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