Why Your Wife Is Experiencing Pain During Intimacy

Are you looking to improve your overall health and well-being of your relationship? Look no further than the Health Trip Podcast hosted by Jill Foos. In this episode, Jill speaks with Susan Bratton, a renowned urologist and sexual health expert, about the benefits of GAINSWave therapy for women (FemiWave).

As your partner goes through menopause, her hormone levels decrease, leading to changes in her vaginal health and sexual wellbeing. Some women may not experience any issues, but many may experience symptoms such as lack of self-lubrication, thinning vaginal walls, low libido, and decreased sexual desire and arousal, among others. Menopause can have a significant impact on our sex lives.

However, it is important to know that there are ways to maintain sexual vitality during and after menopause. The guest on this episode of the Health Trip Podcast, Susan Bratton, is a leading expert on intimacy and sexuality, and has dedicated her career to helping people of all ages improve their sexual health. In this episode, she shares her insights on what actually happens to the vagina during menopause, different regenerative therapies that may help, the best sex toys to use, and myths surrounding sex as we age. 

If you’ve noticed that your partner is experiencing any of the symptoms below, we highly recommend you to stream this podcast episode. 

      • Pain during intimacy
      • Urinary incontinence 
      • Difficulty climaxing
      • Decrease in libido

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