Why Men Avoid Erectile Dysfunction Pills & Look for Alternatives

When you have erectile dysfunction and start looking for a solution, one of the most common treatment options you’ll see is erectile dysfunction pills. For example, some of the most common brand-name ED drugs you’ll see are Cialis, Viagra, Stendra, and Levitra. While these pills treat ED by enhancing nitric oxide to promote increased blood flow and can be effective, they have some disadvantages that many men would like to avoid. 

Before you receive an ED prescription, take a moment to learn more about these pills’ potential drawbacks and a more natural, long-lasting solution for ED.

3 Reasons Why Men Look for Alternatives to ED Pills

Though erectile dysfunction pills can be effective at treating ED, they also come with some drawbacks that make them an unappealing solution to many men. For example, these pills can have negative side effects, only work for a short period, and can prevent spontaneity. Learn more about the top three downsides to ED pills below:

1. ED Pill Are Only a Short-Term Solution

One of the major negatives of ED pills is that they only work for a few hours. For example, Viagra’s positive effects tend to lessen after two to three hours, while Cialis’s positive effects last up to 36 hours. These short-term results mean that you’ll always be reaching for a pill before sex, and you’ll constantly have to plan on the best time to take them. 

Their short-term results also mean you’ll constantly need to go to the pharmacy to refill your prescription. Besides being annoying to remember, refilling your ED prescription can be expensive, especially if you need to take the pills regularly.

2. Potential for Negative Side Effects

In addition to only offering short-term results, ED pills can come with several side effects that can affect some men. Some of the most common side effects of sex pills include:

  • Headaches
  • Visual issues, such as blurred vision, blue tinge to vision, and greater sensitivity to light
  • Back pain
  • Flushing
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Indigestion

Besides the side effects of sex pills listed above, more concerning side effects can occur. Check out some of the rarer and more dangerous side effects of sex pills below:

  • An erection that won’t go away: One of the potential long-term side effects of Viagra and other ED prescriptions is an erection that won’t go away on its own. This condition is called priapism and can become very painful. If left untreated, priapism can damage your penis. Any man who takes an ED pill and has an erection that lasts for more than four hours should immediately receive medical treatment.
  • Vision and hearing loss: Some men report vision and hearing loss after taking an ED medication. While it’s not clear whether a preexisting condition or ED pills cause this issue, it’s a very serious side effect. Due to its seriousness, you should immediately receive medical attention if you experience it.
  • Dangerous reactions when taken with other medications or if you have particular medical conditions: ED pills can also produce dangerous side effects if you take nitrate drugs, have hypertension or hypotension, receive dialysis for kidney disease, or suffer from severe liver disease. Due to the potential for a dangerous reaction, men who take certain medications or suffer from specific conditions often need to look elsewhere for ED treatment.

3. Relying on ED Pills Can Prevent Spontaneity and Be Inconvenient

Another major reason men try to avoid ED pills is that they don’t allow for much spontaneity in their sex life. For example, when you take an ED pill like Viagra or Cialis, the effects will often take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours to kick in. If you and your partner are in the mood but you haven’t taken your pill yet, you may have to put off sex for a while until the drug starts to take effect.

Besides preventing spontaneity, taking pills can be inconvenient. For instance, you’ll have to refill your prescription regularly and remember to pack the drugs before a romantic getaway or date. Plus, if you don’t like to swallow pills, taking ED pills can be uncomfortable. Since ED pills can be inconvenient and waiting for an ED pill to start kicking in can ruin the mood, men (and their partners!) often prefer a more long-lasting solution.

What Is an Effective Alternative Treatment for ED?

Due to the potential disadvantages of ED pills, many men look for an effective alternative treatment for ED. At GAINSWave®, we’re proud to give men a natural, long-lasting treatment for ED in the form of shockwave therapy. This non-invasive treatment option uses high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to go after the primary causes of ED in men. During treatment, a trained clinician will use a wand-like device that sends these soundwaves into your penile tissue to repair scar tissue and remove plaque.

Since ED is often caused by a lack of proper blood flow to the penis and penile scar tissue, shockwave therapy targets both of these problems. In shockwave therapy, the pulsating soundwaves wake up dormant stem cells and growth factors in the penis. These growth factors and stem cells trigger a healing response that repairs scar tissues and generates new blood vessels, resulting in more blood flow and increased sensitivity.

The pulsating soundwaves used during shockwave therapy also dissolve plaque build-up in the penis. Since plaque clogs blood vessels and reduces the amount of blood able to fuel your erection, removing it is a crucial part of ED treatment. By targeting plaque, repairing scar tissue, and stimulating new blood vessel growth, shockwave therapy is highly effective, with greater than 75% of men seeing positive results

Find a GAINSWave-Certified Shockwave Therapy Provider Near You

If you’re interested in receiving shockwave therapy for ED, GAINSWave is ready to serve you. As the leader in sexual wellness, GAINSWave offers a nationwide network of shockwave therapy providers dedicated to giving men the gold–standard in ED treatment. Before we certify any of our providers, we ensure they meet rigorous standards for care and equipment set by our Medical Advisory Board.

Learn more about shockwave therapy for ED today. If you’re interested in shockwave therapy as an alternative to ED pills, take our short candidacy questionnaire. Once your candidacy is determined, use our directory to find a GAINSWave-certified provider near you.

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