What Is an Alternative Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction in 2023?

If you struggle with erectile dysfunction and are looking for treatment, you may think your only option is taking a pill. While ED pills can work for some men, they don’t actually treat the root causes of ED. Fortunately, shockwave therapy is one of the leading erectile dysfunction alternatives, offering a natural path for men seeking long-term ED treatment rather than short-term relief with a pill. When you’ve already tried pills and they don’t work, shockwave therapy also provides another path to remission without needing painful injections or invasive surgeries. 

As the new year approaches, find out how shockwave therapy can give you long-lasting relief from ED in 2023.

What Is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwave therapy, or acoustic wave therapy, is a male sexual performance procedure that has been used in Europe for many years with great success. The procedure employs low-intensity sound waves to treat the underlying causes of ED in many men.  The sound waves used in the non-invasive procedure help eliminate plaque formation in existing blood vessels of the penis. Since plaque formation can inhibit blood flow, removing it is essential to ensure enough blood can flow into the penis to achieve and maintain an erection.

Alongside breaking up plaque growth, shockwave therapy stimulates growth factors in the penile tissue. These growth factors then generate new blood vessels, making it possible for more blood to flow into the penis and power a patient’s erections. The sound waves also activate dormant stem cells to help repair any scar tissue by creating new cell growth. Since shockwave therapy addresses the root causes of ED, it has a greater than 75% success rate based on results from over 100 clinical studies.

What Happens During the Shockwave Therapy Procedure?

During the non-invasive procedure, a healthcare professional moves a wand-like device on a patient’s penis. This wand-like device sends mild sound waves through the skin of the penis, where they break up plaque, activate dormant stem cells, and create new blood vessels. Typically, the shockwave therapy session takes around 15 to 20 minutes to complete and is entirely painless, with patients only reporting a slight tingling sensation while undergoing treatment.

How Long Does It Take Shockwave Therapy to Work? How Long Does Shockwave Therapy Last?

Shockwave therapy from a GAINSWave® certified shockwave therapy provider usually works within 6 to 12 sessions. Many men also see positive results in three to six weeks of treatment through a GAINSWave provider. After the treatment is completed, the results often last for around two years. As a result, GAINSWave shockwave therapy delivers long-lasting relief from ED, unlike other options, such as ED pill prescriptions, injections, or penis pumps.

4 Benefits of Shockwave Therapy Over Other ED Treatments

Due to the non-invasive nature of shockwave therapy and the long-lasting results, shockwave therapy offers significant advantages over other ED treatments. As a natural erectile dysfunction alternative, it also carries several other advantages that other treatments don’t offer, such as helping men build their confidence and increase their sexual satisfaction. While you consider your treatment options, take a moment to review the top benefits associated with GAINSWave shockwave therapy below:

  • Long-lasting relief: With short-term treatment like pills or penis pumps, you’ll always have to take a pill or reach for a device before sex. GAINSWave sets itself apart from the rest with long-term relief from ED. By providing around two years of ED relief, shockwave therapy gives men the opportunity to free themselves from a reliance on short-term solutions and restore spontaneity in their sex lives.
  • Non-invasive treatment: When pills don’t work, many men switch to injections or surgery. Both of these options are invasive, making them a last resort. Shockwave therapy gives men a chance for non-invasive treatment, meaning they won’t have to deal with the pain of a needle or the risks (and cost!) of surgery. 
  • Increased sexual satisfaction: Since GAINSWave can help men achieve stronger, longer-lasting erections, sex often becomes much more enjoyable for patients. Besides improving erectile strength, men have reported more intense orgasms, greater penile sensation, and longer sexual performance after completing shockwave therapy. This enhanced sexual function often translates to increased sexual satisfaction for patients and their partners.
  • Greater confidence: When you have erectile dysfunction, the effects on your mental health and self-confidence can be difficult to handle. Even if you’ve been approved for short-term solutions, you may still suffer from confidence issues due to being tied to using a pill, injection, or pump before you can perform. Since the results from shockwave therapy often last around two years, it’s one of the only options on the market that can build your confidence by allowing you to feel independent and spontaneous again.

Find a Certified GAINSWave Provider Near You Today

If you’re looking for ED shockwave therapy near you, GAINSWave can help. As the leader of sexual wellness, GAINSWave created a network of certified providers that follow rigorous protocols while performing shockwave therapy. Our nationwide network of providers follows standardized protocols set by our Medical Advisory Board and the results of over 100 clinical studies. Due to these standardized protocols and our criteria for quality control and equipment, you can expect to receive safe and effective shockwave therapy.

Learn more about shockwave therapy for ED today. If you’d like to schedule a shockwave therapy appointment, take our short questionnaire to find out if you’re a candidate. Once you’re approved, take a look at our certified provider network to make an appointment for ED shockwave therapy near you.

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