Terms and Conditions

Veterans who want to continue their education and would like to apply for GAINSWave® Veteran Continuing Education Scholarship must agree to these terms and conditions:

  • Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements set forth in the Eligibility Requirements section of the scholarship information page.
  • Applicants must submit their applications as well as their unofficial transcript and essay by the July 1, 2020 deadline established on the scholarship page.
  • The applicant will not hold GAINSWave® responsible for technical difficulties that result in their missing the submission deadline.


Scholarship Committee Will Determine the Winner

GAINSWave® will assemble a scholarship committee whose members will evaluate all submitted applications and decide on a winner based on essay responses, qualifications, and other factors that the scholarship committee deems important.

The committee may want to reach out to you to request additional details or documents from applicants in the interest of making a truly informed selection.

The committee will not discriminate against any applicant based on their national origin, race, sexual orientation, religion, or membership in any other protected category.

The committee’s decision on who will receive this year’s scholarship is final and not subject to negotiation or debate.

Privacy Statement

We will use the information and documentation you submit in your application strictly for the purpose of considering you as an applicant for this scholarship. This information will not be sold, shared, or distributed to any outside party.

If you win the scholarship, however, GAINSWave® does reserve the right to publish your name, along with your winning essay, in multiple forms of media that may include press releases, website, social media, and other media types.

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