Dr. Jeyaraj Discusses GAINSWave on Fox

Once again GAINSWave™ is making headlines, and this time it’s in Houston, Texas with Dr. Jeyaraj.

Thanks to GAINSWave’s public relation efforts, Texas Age Management Institute was featured on Fox News discussing a game changing procedure that offers an alternative to ED medications and enhances men’s sexual performance.

GAINSWave™ Recognition

Thanks to Dr. Jeyaraj’s debut on Fox News, his practice generated several leads which resulted in over $50,000 for his clinic in just one week, as well as continued brand awareness for all of our GAINSWave™ providers.

Like us, Dr. Jeyaraj understands how the need for a clinically proven ED treatment is so great, which is why news about GAINSWave continues to spread and in turn, demand for providers increases.

So if you want to stop prescribing little blue pills to your patients and actually help them overcome symptoms of erectile dysfunction, then implement this cash based procedure into your practice.

Enjoy the clip and contact us today to learn how you can boost your practice with the GAINSWave program.