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Dr. Tom O’Bryan

Leading Expert On Gluten & Celiac Disease

Here’s how to be a healthy, robust, middle-aged man who sails into old age full of vim and vigor.

You have to avoid something called inflammation. Inflammation is the systemic cause of 14 out of the 15 chronic illnesses. The 15th reason men die are traumas like falling off a ladder.

You can avoid these chronic diseases by substantially lowering or even eradicating inflammation in your body. In this episode, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, called the Sherlock Holmes of inflammatory disease walks you through:

✅ The 5 Pillars of Chronic Inflammatory Disease and

✅ The 5 Ways To Arrest Development of Inflammation

Even if your genetics preclude you for disease, you can dim down the genes of inflammation. You can remove the environmental triggers for inflammation. You can fix gut dysbiosis. You can heal your leaky gut. And you can bolster your immune system to prevent autoimmune diseases from taking root.

Dr. Tom boils the solutions down to simple things you can do in one hour a week that will make steady progress to lifestyle changes that support your longevity. You’ll discover exactly what foods to eat and what to avoid; plus, the simple supplements that rebuild your gut easily.

If you don’t want to be a sick old man, here is a super practical segment on how to reduce the inflammation that causes chronic diseases. It’s easier than you think

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