The Risks Of At-Home Ultrasound Machines

Experts Weigh In On Why Men Should Be Cautious About At-Home Ultrasound Machines

The ultrasound machine is the medium through which many of us were first introduced to the world. With a probe and thick layer of cool gel, a technician sent sound waves through our mother’s bellies, and our little, partially developed hearts beat back. In the medical world, ultrasound technology is most famously used for that purpose, though it’s also a diagnostic tool for things like cysts, cancers and thyroid issues. It even helps doctors guide needles during a biopsy. 

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But despite professional-grade ultrasound machines selling for tens of thousands of dollars each, it’s possible to purchase “at-home” versions for just a few hundred dollars a pop. However, not everyone who’s buying them does so to witness early life or keep tabs on their internal health. Instead, they’re doing it to make their “packages” bigger

“I can say with confidence that the ultrasound machines that those guys seem to be buying off AliExpress aren’t doing anything for their penises,” says James Kelley, a representative for ED Clinics, a U.K.-based organization that offers shock-wave therapy for erectile dysfunction. “The machines that they’re trying to buy are similar to professional shock-wave machines in that ultrasound is performed at a similar hertz, but they’re 100 percent guaranteed to bring no results. They will also be very unsafe.” 

THIS ARTICLE on dives deeper into the dangers of using At-Home Ultrasound Machines.

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