The Importance of Natural Alternative Treatments for ED

If you or a partner are struggling with erectile dysfunction, you might think your treatment options are limited to drugs or invasive surgery. Fortunately, natural alternative treatments for ED are available and come without the risks of common ED treatments. As you consider alternative treatments like shockwave therapy, find out why natural alternative options are essential for many patients struggling with ED. 

4 Reasons Why Natural Alternative Treatments for ED Are So Important

Some of the most common treatments for erectile dysfunction include ED pills, penile injections, penile pumps, and penile implants. While these non-natural treatments can be effective for some, they come with several drawbacks that make natural alternative treatments a much more attractive alternative to many men. Before you decide on a treatment option, learn more about the top reasons natural alternative ED treatments are so important below:

1. ED Pills Come With Increased Risks for Many Men

When people seek treatment for their erectile dysfunction, one of the first treatment options they consider is an ED pill. However, men who take certain medications or have particular medical conditions often can’t receive a prescription due to the risks. For example, ED drugs like Viagra widen arteries in the brain and heart, making them extremely dangerous for men at risk of a stroke or heart attack.

Other health conditions like low blood pressure, congestive heart failure, or unstable angina can also prevent patients from receiving ED drugs. Additionally, some medications increase health risks if taken with an ED drug, such as nitrate-based drugs and alpha-blockers. Due to these risks, natural treatments that don’t put men at risk of dangerous health effects are incredibly important to many men who can’t receive ED pill prescriptions.

2. ED Pills and Other Common Treatments Have Side Effects

Even if you receive a prescription for ED pills, you could still have side effects from them. Like almost any prescription, ED drugs come with the risk of side effects. Some of the most common side effects of ED drugs include erections that last longer than four hours, nasal congestion, headache, upset stomach, vision issues, dizziness, rashes, and flushing. 

Alongside the side effects of ED pills, other treatments also come with potential side effects. For instance, penile injections can cause bruising or bleeding at the injection location, pain after injection, and prolonged erections. The risk of side effects makes natural alternatives essential for many men who consistently experience side effects from their treatment or who simply don’t want to risk them. A natural alternative, like shockwave therapy, gives men the chance to avoid dangerous side effects while still enhancing their sexual performance.

3. Penile Implants Can Be Invasive

When ED pills don’t work, some men turn to penile implants as a last resort. Since a penile implant requires surgery to insert malleable or bendable rods into the penis, they’re one of the most invasive forms of treatment. Like other surgeries, penile implants come with the risk of infection. Sometimes, penile implants can even break down mechanically, requiring another surgery to fix the issue. Alternative ED treatments can give men another chance at achieving stronger erections without invasive surgeries and treatments.

4. Many Common ED Treatments Are Inconvenient and Take Away Spontaneity

Typically, ED pills like Viagra and Cialis only work for a few hours before you need to take another one. Since these pills make it so you have to have sex within a specific time window, they don’t allow for spontaneity and cause many couples to feel like they have to schedule intimacy. Relying on pills also means you’ll always have to remember to bring your pills with you to ensure you can still achieve an erection if needed.

If pills don’t work, penile injections or penile pumps are other common choices. With a penile injection, patients have to inject a needle filled with medication into their penis. As you might expect, this process is inconvenient and can cause pain and bleeding. For penile pumps, patients have to use a vacuum erection device to achieve an erection, which is inconvenient and removes the chance of spontaneous sex with a partner. Natural alternatives offer men the chance to never have to worry about using a drug or device before sex.

Why GAINSWave® Is An Effective Alternative Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Due to the drawbacks of many common ED treatment options, it’s important men have a natural, effective option to turn to. At GAINSWave, we’re invested in helping men improve the strength of their erections and reclaim their sexual spontaneity with shockwave therapy. As a natural, non-invasive alternative treatment for ED, shockwave therapy is quickly becoming one of the top choices for many men looking for long-lasting treatment without the risks.

When you receive shockwave therapy, a healthcare professional will use a wand-like device that emits high-frequency, low-intensity sounds to enhance blood flow, break down micro-plaque, and stimulate blood vessel growth. Due to its ability to target some of the main causes of ED, shockwave therapy has been shown to have a 75% success rate.

Unlike ED pills or penile pumps, GAINSWave is long-lasting, with many men seeing benefits for up to two years. As a result, men can be more spontaneous and never have to deal with the hassle of a pump, needle, or pill before sex. Shockwave therapy is also non-invasive, ensuring patients are always comfortable while receiving treatment. Alongside being long-lasting and non-invasive, shockwave therapy hasn’t been shown to come with any side effects, allowing men with contraindications to receive treatment without the risks.

Find Out If You’re a GAINSWave Candidate

If shockwave therapy sounds interesting to you, GAINSWave is here to help. Due to our commitment to providing top-quality care to all our clients, we ensure our providers use standardized protocols and equipment before they can become a part of our certified provider network. Alongside improving the strength of erections, GAINSwave has multiple other benefits, such as promoting increased sensitivity and enhanced sexual performance, making it the leader in sexual wellness today.

Learn more about shockwave therapy for ED today. If you want to find out if you’re a GAINSWave candidate and schedule an appointment with one of our certified providers, please take our short questionnaire.

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