The Gaby Reece Show: Testosterone, ED & How They Affect EVERYONE

A BIG Episode For The Fellas

A lot of the same things that impact men’s libido and ability to perform impact most people’s health. The erection is just an indication of something else going on in the body. All humans can benefit from Dr. Tracy Gapin’s approach to health and health care.

In this episode, Dr. Gapin and Gabby discuss how a simple mouth swab would let someone know which way may be best for them to eat based on their genetics. Some people win on a complex carbohydrate-loaded diet. Dr. Gapin shares ideas on simple ways to turn back the aging clock, navigate hormone supplementation, and what types of blood workups to ask your physician about. They touch upon the impact of watching too much pornography and the right ways to pull back if watching it begins to destroy your real-life sex life. 

Key Topics:

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