The Digital Playground

Social media has exploded over the past two decades. In that span, social media has become a digital playground for most of the world’s population to meet and greet each other. Behind every social institution, advertising reigns. Social media is no different. In fact, social media is the greatest advertising vehicle, considering it could be divided into specific rooms or pages, in which all of the participants are interested in a certain product or therapy.

For example, a social media room for those suffering with erectile dysfunction, would be a great place to advertise ED treatment. Instead of paying millions of dollars for a prime-time commercial, and just hoping that a potential customer is watching at that time, social media allows advertising to reach countless individuals entirely composed of the targeted audience.

Setting Goals

The first step, before plunging into the world of social media, is to determine how a business intends to use social media. Such objectives are easily tracked and measured. Transparency is another advantage of social media. Unlike radio or television ads, you can easily track the effectiveness of social media ads.

Shoot for the stars. Don’t set your goals on a certain number of likes or shares. Allow social media to improve the foundations of your business. For example, building brand awareness is a good goal to set in a social media campaign. The internet is a great way to get a targeted audience to become aware of a business.

Attaining new customers is another achievable goal with social media. By driving traffic from social media to your website is a sure-fire way to measure the amount of the effectiveness of your campaign.

If anything, increased interest on the internet regarding a practice, will direct more inquiries to the staff of the practice. As a result, the customer service of the practice will improve. When it comes to customer services, practice makes perfect.

No Man is an Island in the Ocean of Social Media

Every month, about 2.7 billion use this social media network, making it the most popular platform. The younger crowds may be drifting away from Facebook, but the large presence of boomers makes Facebook an effective place to run ads. One advertising advantage of Facebook, is that chances are, any business could locate a page or group that concerns their product or service.

The second largest social media platform, Instagram, is a strong motivator when it comes to consumer purchasing. Instagram influencers as well as Instagram content, often motivates certain purchases. Young people who follow certain Instagram influencers, are much more likely to make purchases according to their selections.

This platform is mainly used to exchange current news events and discuss important topics. Every message on Twitter is limited to 280 characters. Advertising is possible on Twitter, but more difficult than other platforms. Twitter charges to advertise on their platform.

According to LinkedIn, they are the top rated social network for lead generation. Over 70% of LinkedIn users are overseas, so if a business is looking to international marketing, LinkedIn is an excellent vehicle. Also, LinkedIn attracts an older, hence, wealthier, audience than other platforms.

78% of Pinterest users are female. The network is also very popular among a younger crowd. For these two reasons, Pinterest is considered a product-focused network.

TikTok has more than 100 million users every month. The average user is on TikTok for more than 20 hours a month!

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