The Bigger Issue in Men’s Health ft. Dr. Carl Walker

One of the hurdles to providing comprehensive health care for men is that they are far less likely to go to the doctor. Typically, men will “voluntarily” go the doctor if they are:

1) Having symptoms of chest pain/ impending heart attack
2) Avoiding difficulties/ BPH
3) Erectile dysfunction

Urologists are well-positioned to take care of 2 out of 3 of these issues, so this provides a unique opportunity to get all or most of their health care needs to be met in one visit. The understanding that many of the conditions that present “below the waistline” originate and progress due to conditions “above the waistline”, gives merit to taking a more holistic approach to men’s health, instead of just treating a symptom such as ED. Many chronic diseases could be prevented, delayed, or alleviated through simple lifestyle changes. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that eliminating three risk factors (poor diet, inactivity, smoking) would prevent 80% of heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes, as well as 40% of cancer. Metagenics has developed a Lifestyle Medicine program that has used a tried and true algorithm to achieve lasting results by setting achievable goals.

• Health screening
• Body composition analysis
• Customized health plans
• Lifestyle and behavioral coaching
• Personalized food plans
• Physical activity recommendations
• Targeted nutritional support
• Tracking tools/ Food diaries

Statistically, about 90% of Metagenic clients are women. The issue with any health regimen for men, is again their reluctance to seek care early, so there needs to be a reason or a motivation to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

We already have objective questionnaires to gauge ED and libido/ testosterone deficiency. As men start to understand that their decline in performance, energy and sense of well-being are tied to their risk factors for CVD, HTN, DM and obesity, they will be more motivated to understand their personal role in their health. From the standpoint of regenerative therapies, what we have the ability to do, is educate our patients on understanding that their potential for improvement is a “moving target”; as patients start exercising, eating healthy and using appropriate supplements, the recommended regenerative therapies should have an enhanced and sustained response.


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