Targeting Locally Through Direct Mail

Do you remember snail mail? A time before the digital age, we anxiously awaited envelopes to arrive in our mailboxes. Now, the internet has become the cheapest and fastest way to not only send but also receive information and promotions. For all of these reasons alone, direct mail is actually a very effective vehicle for health practices to send advertisements. 


Advantages 0f Direct Mail


Think about it – out of the 100 regenerative health advertisements an individual receives a day, 99 of them are on the internet and only one arrives in the mail. Which one do you think gets special attention?

When you or a local practice is considering multiple vehicles to send an advertisement, few options are more effective than direct mail. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the internet is so massive and so time-consuming, we often dismiss online ads countless times a day. 

How many advertisement emails did you delete without even opening today? How many internet advertisements did you cancel out from your computer screen today? Oh yeah, it is not even afternoon!

A letter is something tangible that sits in a potential patient’s hand. Of course, there is a good chance that they just throw it away without even opening it. But there is a higher probability that the potential patient will read a direct mail advertisement as opposed to an online advertisement.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, a piece of mail has a response rate of 4.4%, while an email has a 0.12% response rate. Even more interesting, is that according to this data, 62% of consumers that responded to direct mail, wound up making a purchase.


GAINSWave Makes Marketing a Cinch

As a GAINSWave member, you have access to choose between a variety of print materials, and then personalize them, so that they reflect as your own practice. Now that you have your polished advertisement, the final step is to distribute them to potential customers.

USPS has a great service for local businesses that send mail to the right customers. On the link above, advertisers can narrow their mailings based on zip codes, age, household size and even income! 

This short blog has given you, a GAINSWave member, everything you need to orchestrate an effective direct mail advertising campaign!

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