Smoking Causes Erectile Dysfunction, Here is How to Quit

Smoking is a leading cause of erectile dysfunction. Smoking can cause plaque to build up in the arteries. The buildup then, will prevent an adequate amount of blood from getting to the penis, when the brain sends a signal to the penis to erect. Hence, smoking causes erectile dysfunction.


As with every medical condition, chances of recovery are much higher as long as one recognizes the causes. Such recognition will prevent the condition from developing again.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many different factors, from depression to heart disease. 


According to a WebMD article, men who smoke more than 20 cigarettes a day had a 60% increased likelihood to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Plus, men who currently or formerly smoked were 30% more likely to experience impotence.


Thus, if a person that smokes, especially if they smoke as much or more than a pack a day, is also having difficulty inflating their most important balloon, quitting smoking might be the answer to their impotence issues. Smoking may not be the cause of one’s erectile dysfunction, but if they do smoke and they would like to use their penis again for sexual purposes, quitting smoking is a good first step.


Read this article to learn some useful techniques to utilize when trying to quit.


Why do you Want to Quit Smoking?


The first step in quitting smoking is to truly possess the desire to stop. Sit down and make a list of ten reasons, in order of importance, why smoking hinders your life. Ironically, erectile dysfunction will probably not be the number one reason. Considering the damage that smoking could do to someone’s health, as well as the exorbitant prices people pay nowadays for a pack of cigarettes, many reasons to quit will be more severe than a roll in the hay.


Nonetheless, sex is very important. But what about the stench of smoke? No lady likes sticking her tongue into an ashtray, which is exactly what she does when she kisses someone who had just smoked a cigarette. From your partners’ perspective, be aware of all the unpleasantries linked to being intimate with a smoker. 


The Most Successful Ways to Quit Smoking


The most important thing to realize when trying to quit any substance, is that time soothes all cravings. Once you have put out your last cigarette, it should take about two to three days for the withdrawal symptoms to leave your body. After climbing the mountain, the rest should be easy. Former smokers will always have cravings, but after the nicotine has left the building, the physical attributes of addiction will be gone. 


According to the Mayo Clinic, here are some of the easiest methods for a person to extinguish their nicotine cravings.


Avoid triggers


The urge to smoke will be strongest at times in which one normally would smoke. For example, if one would often smoke at bars or smoke after a meal, during those events the urges will be greatest. To avoid such urges, try to avoid putting yourself in such situations. Find an event to replace the cigarette. For example, have a pack of gum ready, or a notebook to doodle in, when the cravings strike.


Breathing exercises


Thousands of years ago, ancient Buddhists discovered one of the best techniques to overcome smoking urges. Breathing exercises will allow a person to cancel out all the noise and distractions in life, including nicotine cravings. Just take several deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Concentrate on the breath. After a minute or two, the urges should be gone.


Rely on external help


When smoking urges arise, take advantage of the team of support that is always rooting for you. Call a friend or family member, when you feel the cravings. There are even free telephone lines to call and speak with counselors – 800-QUIT-NOW (800-784-8669).


Nicotine alternatives


Every pharmacy is stocked with tons of nicotine replacement products. From the patch to gum, such products will provide levels of nicotine in varying degrees. What makes these products effective, is that one could gradually use products containing less and less nicotine, which will make it much easier to eventually kick the habit in entirety.


GAINSWave Treatment


Sometimes, quitting smoking may not be the answer to erectile dysfunction. In that case, there are plenty of other options. However, most of them do not work. Of the treatments that do work, like popular ED medications Viagra and Cialis, the solutions will only help for a few hours. GAINSWave Shock Wave Treatment is the only permanent viable option to overcome erectile dysfunction.


Scientists and the medical community agree that GAINSWave Shock Wave treatment is effective and safe. Check out the more than 30 clinical studies that all agree that the treatment is the best available erectile dysfunction treatment. 

GAINSWave Shock Wave therapy is so effective because it goes right to the root of the problem. Whereas Viagra will temporarily provide more blood to the penis, GAINSWave improves a man’s blood flow, clearing out all of the plaque and broken blood vessels caused by smoking. The first step is to contact a nearby provider and find out exactly how GAINSWave Shock Wave treatment could help your erectile dysf

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