Simple Ways to Aid Erectile Dysfunction That Will Not Cost You a Penny

Erectile dysfunction knows no boundaries. Regardless of skin color, age, marital status or profession, everyone is at risk of becoming impotent. In fact, according to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, erectile dysfunction affects 30 million men across the country. Most of these men do not realize that to cure erectile dysfunction usually just requires a simple lifestyle adjustment, that may not cost a penny!


The first step in figuring out how to cure something, is to understand how the condition develops. An erection is much more than opening a copy of Playboy. In fact, the complex process involves the brain, heart, hormones, nerves, muscle, emotions and blood vessels. The slightest problem with any of these anatomical features, could easily cause erectile dysfunction.


A vast portion of impotence is caused by issues with the blood vessels. This is the case, because problems with any of those different parts of the body could, in one way or another, result in damaging blood vessels. 


Many things we do in life, whether it be eating that fast-food, or drinking that alcohol, or even smoking that cigarette will directly affect our hearts, which indirectly affects our blood vessels. For example, the chemicals in a cigarette will cause blood vessels to become inflamed. Alcohol will cause the blood vessels to constrict, thus, preventing blood into the penis to make an erection. Unhealthy diets will inflame the fat tissue surrounding blood vessels.


Essentially, an unhealthy lifestyle will make it substantially more difficult to get and keep an erection. It is possible though, to correct one’s lifestyle to improve the blood flow and keep that lovelight on in the bedroom. If erectile dysfunction is too severe, medical intervention may be required.


Free Ways to Aid Erectile Dysfunction


As the article has already explained, unhealthy living could clog up one’s blood, which can cause erectile dysfunction. If the level of impotence is not too severe, simple adjustments to one’s life could correct it.




A regular walk down the block could do much for your health, and your penis as well. According to a Harvard study, a 30 minute stroll a day was linked to a whopping 41% reduced risk of erectile dysfunction. A brisk walk everyday will get the heart going and improve the blood. 




Have you ever heard the saying, we are what we eat? When it comes to erectile dysfunction, that could not be more true. Eat corndogs and drink Mountain Dew all day, you will have a weight problem. All those saturated fats coagulating your veins, will cause your blood vessels to not function properly So when your brain sends a signal for the penis to erect, that signal will likely have a time reaching its destination. Healthy food tastes better. Eat fruits, nuts, salmon, vegetables and whole grains.


Exercises can Cure Erectile Dysfunction


Did you know that there are some exercises that have been proven to improve one’s erectile dysfunction condition! Read this article to learn all about them. By including Kegel exercises to a new healthy lifestyle transformation will help your chances of overcoming erectile dysfunction. 


Regular exercises like walking and swimming are needed to get into shape so your heart and blood flow are functioning perfectly. But those with erectile dysfunction need to strengthen certain pelvic muscles.




Seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction can be a long and winding road. Some remedies will help, while others will not. When a man changes their diet and lifestyle, so as to live healthier, in an attempt to cure erectile dysfunction, there is a good probability that it will not work. The condition might be too severe. In that case, there are other options.  


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