Shockwave Therapy for Women: What Does It Do? 

While you might have heard a lot about shockwave therapy’s ability to treat erectile dysfunction in men, you should also know that shockwave therapy can also improve a woman’s sex life. Shockwave therapy has been shown to provide several benefits to women, including increasing a woman’s sex drive, enhancing sensitivity, and strengthening the vagina. All of these results can lead to increased confidence in the bedroom and greater sexual fulfillment. If any of these benefits appeal to you, learn more about shockwave therapy for women.

What Is Shockwave Therapy for Women?

Shockwave therapy, or acoustic wave therapy, is a non-invasive treatment that uses pulse waves to repair blood vessels and increase blood flow to the vagina. This increased blood flow to the vaginal lining and nerves can enhance a woman’s lubrication and sensitivity, leading to better sex, easier orgasms, and greater sexual fulfillment. Alongside its effects on sensitivity, shockwave therapy can tighten the vagina and improve its physical appearance.

During the non-invasive and comfortable treatment, a clinician will move a wand-like device that emits pulse waves on the outer and inner labia. Once treatment is complete, you won’t have to worry about downtime, as you can get right back to your life without any restrictions.

What Does Shockwave Therapy for Women Treat?

Shockwave therapy can assist women with a variety of needs. Whether it’s increasing a woman’s sex drive or addressing the symptoms of menopause, shockwave therapy can help women live their best life. Learn more about what conditions shockwave therapy can treat below:

  • Sexual fulfillment: If you’ve wanted to feel greater pleasure during sex, shockwave therapy can help. Whatever stage of life you’re in, shockwave therapy can give you the treatment you need for sexual fulfillment. By repairing blood vessels and increasing blood flow, the treatment often results in better orgasms, enhanced sensitivity, and more natural lubrication.
  • Menopause and post-menopause: Menopause and post-menopause can be difficult for many women, with some symptoms significantly impacting a woman’s sex life. For example, some common symptoms include vaginal dryness, a weaker bladder, reduced sex drive, painful intercourse, and the thinning of the vaginal lining. Fortunately, shockwave therapy can reverse these symptoms by increasing sex drive and sensitivity, strengthening muscles to improve urinary incontinence, and restoring vaginal tissue. 
  • Perimenopause: Before menopause begins, women experience perimenopause, which causes menstruation to become irregular and the ovaries to produce less estrogen. Perimenopause can also result in vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, and decreased sex drive. Acoustic wave therapy addresses these symptoms by raising blood flow to heighten sex drive, tightening the vagina to reduce urinary incontinence, and increasing natural lubrication.
  • After childbirth: As you probably already know, childbirth can significantly impact a woman’s body and their sex life, with many new mothers missing their old bodies. Shockwave therapy gives women the chance to reclaim their bodies and confidence after childbirth by rejuvenating the vagina, breaking down scar tissue from episiotomy repair, improving urinary incontinence, and enhancing vaginal laxity.

What Are the Benefits of Shockwave Therapy for Women?

As you consider shockwave therapy for any of the reasons above, you might be wondering about how it will benefit you. Check out the top advantages of shockwave therapy for women below:

  • More pleasurable sex
  • Higher sex drive
  • Improved vaginal tightness and sensitivity
  • Less vaginal pain during sex
  • Increased vaginal lubrication
  • Reduced incontinence
  • Easier orgasms
  • Boosted confidence in the bedroom

How Is Shockwave Therapy Different for Men and Women?

Alongside helping women improve their sex life and enhance their sensitivity, shockwave therapy is regularly used to treat men. The process is largely the same, as a clinician will move a wand-like device that emits pulse waves on the penis. Like how acoustic wave therapy for women increases blood flow to the vagina, shockwave therapy for men increases blood flow to the penis.

Typically, shockwave therapy for men treats erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease, but it can also be used for overall sexual wellness. When a man receives shockwave therapy, the pulse waves will generate new blood vessels, break up plaque in existing vessels, and enhance sensitivity. Since shockwave therapy has an over 75% success rate in treating ED and the results last for around two years, it’s a popular option for men who want long-lasting relief from ED. 

The positive effects of shockwave therapy for men and women make it a perfect option for couples looking to improve their sex life. Due to shockwave therapy’s ability to increase lubrication for a woman, improve erectile strength for a man, and enhance sensation for both, it’s an essential treatment for any couple trying to have better, more fulfilling sex. 

Find a FemiWave® Provider Near You to Receive Shockwave Therapy for Women

If you’re interested in receiving shockwave therapy for women, FemiWave can help. As the leader in sexual wellness, GAINSWave® is proud to offer FemiWave to women across the country. Just like how we offer a nationwide network of GAINSWave-certified providers to help men treat their ED, we also provide an extensive network of FemiWave-certified shockwave therapy providers. You can trust any FemiWave-certified provider will give you high-quality care, as they have to follow rigorous standards for equipment and care set by FemiWave’s Medical Advisory Board.

Learn more about how FemiWave works today. If you’re interested in receiving treatment, please use our provider locator to find a FemiWave provider near you. 

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