How Can a Male Increase His Sexual Stamina?

Stamina is an important component of a healthy sex life. Being unable to maintain an erection or suffering from premature ejaculation can impede one’s sexual abilities.

The Cleveland Clinic reports that men can increase their sexual stamina in one or more of the following ways:

  • Opt for prescription medications that treat erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Make positive lifestyle changes by reducing calorie intake and alcohol consumption
  • Have a medical professional examine hormone levels
  • Undergo a mental health evaluation and counseling to alleviate stressors

These actions can influence how a man experiences sex and promote longer-lasting intimacy. Yet, if a man has been diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease or otherwise struggles to find an effective treatment, other medical procedures may be an option to help a male increase his sexual stamina.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, consider using GAINSWave® therapy to help you get back to a healthy sexual life.

Different Treatments Work for Different Men

When treating symptoms relating to ED, there’s no one “cure-all” solution that addresses every man’s individual needs. While some men may benefit from oral medications, others may have preexisting health conditions that make them poor candidates for this method. Speaking with a medical professional regarding one’s sexual health can pave the way for a healthy dialogue about sexual health, and at the same time, determine what treatment option best serves one’s needs.

ED Pills Can Offer a Temporary Solution

Male sexual enhancement drugs can create an increase in blood flow to the penis. In fact, the Journal of Family & Community Medicine notes that these medications, such as VIAGRA®, are considered among the most popular treatment methods for men with ED. However, men with low blood pressure, heart problems, or who take nitrates shouldn’t take these drugs, as it puts them at an increased risk of cardiovascular complications. Additionally, these pills affect each man differently. While one man may be able to have an erection almost immediately, others may have up to wait up to 36 hours for results. This waiting period can hinder spontaneity.

Lifestyle Changes Might Help a Male Increase His Sexual Stamina

Improving one’s general health can work to increase their sexual performance. Often, men who are obese or otherwise have unhealthy habits risk affecting their insulin levels, which play a role in male arousal.

Harvard Health Publishing notes that the following steps can help a male increase his sexual stamina:

  • Adopting healthy eating habits and weight control
  • Getting adequate and restorative amounts of sleep
  • Paying attention to heart health and blood pressure
  • Starting pelvic floor exercises

By adopting these practices, not only may a man see a boost in sexual performance, but may also experience weight loss, a boost in energy, and improved overall self-confidence.

Maintain Healthy Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for secondary sex characteristics and arousal. The Journal of Andrology

reports that as a man ages, his body begins to produce less of this chemical, causing many challenges when it comes to physical ability and sexual performance. A medical professional can take a blood sample to test a body’s hormone levels. If it’s found that a hormonal imbalance is causing a decline in sexual ability, a patient may be prescribed testosterone injections to remedy this issue.

Therapy Can Treat Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms

The Indian Journal of Psychiatry states that poor mental health can cause a decline in one’s sexual desire, ability, and performance. The prescription of various medications, such as antidepressants, may only prove to exacerbate one’s ED symptoms. These conditions can alter how the brain sends messages to other parts of the body and affect how one experiences sexual pleasure. By seeking the guidance of a mental health professional, one may be able to receive holistic treatment that works to improve multiple parts of the psyche.

GAINSWave® Therapy May Offer A Long-Term Solution

ED can be difficult to live with when one’s desire for sex doesn’t match up with their abilities. ED isn’t life-threatening. However, according to the

Journal of General Internal Medicine, it can be devastating to one’s interpersonal relationships and self-image. Yet, there’s a fast, noninvasive treatment option designed to address sexual performance, including increasing sexual stamina.

GAINSWave® therapy uses high-frequency, low-intensity soundwaves to promote blood flow throughout the penis, stimulate growth factors, and encourage tissue growth. Performed in under 30 minutes, the everyday man doesn’t need to plan his entire day around this procedure. With minimal downtime and no adverse side effects, some clients have reported stronger orgasms, increased sexual stamina, and heightened penile sensitivity. Depending on one’s overall wellbeing, they may need anywhere from six to 12 sessions of GAINSWave treatment for optimal performance. GAINSWave therapy uses no needles, no drugs, and no anesthesia.

To get in touch with a GAINSWave therapy provider, click here to learn more.

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