Are Male Sexual Enhancement Drugs Risky?

Male sexual enhancement drugs can pose a variety of risks to a man’s health. Known risks include troubling side effects of taking male enhancement pills, such as:

  • Persistent headaches
  • Indigestion and back pain
  • Hearing and vision loss
  • Painful erections that refuse to subside (priapism)

The risks associated with male enhancement pills are increased for men who take medications to treat chest pain or abnormal blood pressure. The risk of an adverse reaction can also be increased if a man suffers from liver or kidney disease or is on dialysis.

Know When to Seek Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

An occasional inability to have or maintain an erection is probably not a cause for immediate alarm. When having an erection, having only a weak erection, or failing to maintain an erection is persistent, a man may need to start seeking treatment.

If a man experiences any other symptoms that bother or concern him, or if he’s anxious to restore his sex life and resume active sexual engagement, he may want to seek treatment for his erectile dysfunction.

If erection trouble is accompanied by difficulty ejaculating after sex, men may need to consider erectile dysfunction treatments. A man should also consider treatment if he has a chronic medical condition that has been proven to contribute to ED.

Medical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is most often caused by medical issues that make it difficult for blood to flow freely to the penis. Merck Manual reports that medical issues that impede blood flow can include:

  • Hardened arteries that restrict blood flow
  • Diabetes
  • Prostate health issues
  • Certain prescription medications
  • Unbalanced hormone levels

Some medications can cause ED to grow worse over time. A man can explore treatment options that might allow him to once again enjoy an active sex life.

Psychological Causes of ED

In addition to physical health conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction, there are mental and emotional factors that can also contribute to the condition—like stress and depression. Other psychological causes of erectile dysfunction can include:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Relationship woes
  • Lack of communication

Maintaining good mental and emotional health can help decrease a man’s risk of ED and can also help ensure existing cases of ED aren’t aggravated.

Age Increases Risk of Erectile Dysfunction

Sex is a significant part of a healthy lifestyle. It can be frustrating and discouraging when a man wants to have sex but struggles to do so. But erectile dysfunction can affect as many as 52% of men at any age. The process of aging can contribute to a man’s likelihood of ED. Cleveland Clinic reports that while ED might plague as many as 40% of men at 40 years old, it can also affect up to 70% of men at age 70.

Because aging can also lead to a significant decrease in a desire for sex, it can contribute to a lack of sexual contact. For older men who have a desire for an active sex life, there are treatments available that can restore optimal sexual function.

In addition, the lack of a thriving sex life can lead to emotional and relationship issues. Men shouldn’t be afraid to discuss their sexual health concerns with their romantic partner or to seek help and available ED treatments in their area.

The Connection Between Smoking and ED

Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products can create internal physical damage and health concerns in many ways. Smoking has been shown to lead to poor heart health, which can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Smoking can increase a man’s risk of erectile dysfunction, according to Merck Manual. If men believe their smoking is related to ED, there are many treatments available that can help them stop smoking. There are also treatments available that can treat ED and allow a man to have the amount and frequency of sex he desires.

Discover Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

Treatment for erectile dysfunction can allow a man to have an active, thriving sex life. Men should avoid shying away from sexual health issues and instead get the treatment they deserve. A healthy sex life can be part of a healthy overall lifestyle. There are treatment options available if men don’t want ED to negatively impact their sex lives.

If a man is ready to start engaging in sex again that he desires and deserves, he should click here to access the GAINSWave® therapy provider directory.

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