Susan Bratton: Guides us to the Epitome of Orgasmic Possibilities!- Sex Reimagined Podcast

Ready to dive into a world of sexual empowerment and fulfillment? Join hosts Leah Piper and Dr. Willow Brown for an insightful interview on “The Sex Reimagined Podcast” with Susan Bratton, an intimacy expert with over 20 years of experience. In this episode, Susan shares her journey of overcoming sexual trauma, the importance of honesty in relationships, and the transformative power of polyamory.

Episode Highlights:

  • Susan Bratton’s Journey Toward Wellness
  • The Impact of Honesty in Relationships
  • Exploring Polyamory as a Path to Expansion
  • The Power of Sexual Healing

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock orgasmic possibilities with Susan Bratton on “The Sex Reimagined Podcast.” Tune in now and embark on a journey towards greater sexual empowerment and fulfillment.

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