Measuring Your Cells To Predict Your Health: Epigenetics Explained

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Ryan Smith

Founder of TruDiagnostic

You’ll gain an understanding of how your own genetic markers can predict possible health issues as you age… So, you can catch disease before it gets out of hand.

Think of TruDiagnostic as the early warning system through the miracle of big data. Discover epigenetic vs. genetics; the impact of telomeres and methylation on your genetic expression; the Mitotic Clock as a predictor of cancer; the DunedinPACE study as a predictor of aging compared to your cohorts and why grip strength, one-leg balance, cognition and facial aging are hallmarks of your health span.

As always, Susan’s interviews make sure the expert “explains it for a 5th grader.”

If you’ve ever wanted to grasp the burgeoning science of genetic testing prediction, and how it can help you live longer with more health, this is the video to watch.

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