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If the internet was a highway, pay-per-click (PPC) ads would be the asphalt that the highway was composed of. Without that sand and crushed rock, there would be no street to drive on. Likewise, without PPC ads, the internet would be a melting pot of retail and government sites. Retail sites could generate income by selling their products. Government sites need to provide services to the public. Beyond those two, without PPC ads, there would be no way for sites to generate income.

PPC is structured around advertisers paying a certain fee every time that one of their ads is clicked. A PPC campaign is an essential tool to boost the online presence of healthcare professionals and thereby, grow their pool of patients. Healthcare PPC ads are one of the most effective methods to attract new patients.

Here is Why PPC is the Most Effective Form of Advertising


To most in the marketing field, life before the internet is as distant as the ice age. The internet pretty much revolutionized advertising. Old school advertising, like the ad on the bench outside the supermarket, or in the commercial break, still is quite important.

If a consumer sees a brand everywhere they turn, even if they do not pay any attention to the ads, they are more likely to buy something that they recognize as opposed to something that they do not.

But beyond name recognition, none of the other forms of advertising are as effective as PPC ads. The following reasons will explain the efficacy of pay-per-click ads.


Pay for new patients, do not pay for ads

Before the internet, healthcare providers would pay top dollar to have their ads featured on television or in a magazine. Granted, enormous amounts of people will see the ad, but how many will actually wind up purchasing the product or service featured in the ad?

Healthcare PPC ads are different, in that the healthcare professional only pays money when their advertisement is clicked. An individual just learned about a brand new device that could potentially cure their sickness. They quickly Google the name of the device as well as the city in which they live. Remember that this device is brand new. Any healthcare professional that keeps up with the latest industrial trends would most likely have the device. If this healthcare provider also has configured their SEO to include the new device as well as their location, their ad will pop up when the potential patient types that term into Google.

As a result, healthcare PPC ads are the most effective advertising tool. The healthcare professional will only pay money when their ad is clicked. Ultimately, this means that every person clicking their ad is a potential patient. A company could spend millions of dollars on a TV commercial, but how many people will actually see it? More notably, how many people who see the commercial, will actually purchase the product?


Healthcare PPC ads go directly to the intended demographic

Everyone loves to window shop, except the shop owner. When crowds of people are standing outside a store window, admiring the beautiful merchandise undoubtedly, the shop owner wants to get that crowd into the store. When it comes to PPC ads, there are no window shoppers.

Armed with the appropriate SEO ammunition, medical PPC targets potential clients. Everyone that clicks on that link is interested in the specified service or product. As a result, individuals that click on the ad, are ready to book an appointment.


To the penny, PPC ads allow people to know where their ad money is going

Whenever someone makes an investment, they like to know how effective the method is. A commercial on television will cost a lot of money, but in the end, how effective was it? Unless the customer tells the business employee that they saw the ad, there is no way of knowing.

Another benefit of healthcare PPC ads is that, with PPC ads, the business can determine what the advertising costs are, how many new patient leads have been developed, what the cost is per lead, and exactly how much profit the advertising is bringing in.

With such precise measurement, healthcare providers can determine if they wish to increase or decrease their PPC spending. Sometimes, the provider may want fewer patients, so they reduce their PPC spending.

The ability to target a specific service or product

PPC ads allow healthcare providers to target specific services of theirs. Maybe a doctor is the first in the city to practice a new treatment. When someone searches for it online, the doctor’s ad will appear. Without PPC, the doctor would be forced to spend a lot of money on advertising, without the guarantee that anyone who needs the treatment even saw it. With PPC, the doctor can directly advertise the new treatment to the targeted potential customer.


Start seeing the benefits in minutes not months

The moment a business loads its ads onto the internet, the phone will begin to ring. Every other form of advertising can take up to months to begin working, or maybe it will not even work at all.

A mailing is similar to PPC, in that every advertisement sent will reach a targeted consumer. But this method can take a very long time. Also, there is a good chance that the consumer will just deem the advertisement as junk mail, and toss it in the trash.




PPC advertising is the most effective way for healthcare providers to collect new patients. Healthcare PPC is especially effective because people with specific conditions can only be treated by a handful of specialists. All it takes to get a new patient in this case is the correct keywords.

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