How to ask for what you want in bed and get it: Pressing Desires Podcast

Ready to spice up your intimate life and unlock your deepest desires? Look no further than the latest episode of “Pressing Desires” podcast featuring Susan Bratton. In this captivating episode, Susan shares her expertise on asking for and getting what you want in bed, along with insightful discussions on communication skills and techniques for better intimacy.

Exploring Sexual Fulfillment: Join Susan as she introduces a playful game of red, amber, or green light, and delves into the importance of effective communication and techniques in the bedroom. As a leading expert in sexual wellness, Susan’s advice is both empowering and enlightening, proving that satisfaction in the bedroom is achievable for everyone.

Ready to take your intimate relationships to the next level? Listen to Susan Bratton on “Pressing Desires” on Apple Podcasts today. Whether you’re looking to enhance communication or explore new techniques, this episode is your guide to a more satisfying sex life.


Don’t miss out on Susan Bratton’s expert advice to elevate your bedroom game. Tune in to “Pressing Desires” and discover how to confidently ask for what you want in bed, and make your desires a reality. Your journey to sexual fulfillment begins now.

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