Playboy Mag: Does COVID Lead To “Shrinkage”?

A few months ago, the Daily Mail ran an article about a man who claimed that he lost 1.5 inches of his manhood’s length after experiencing COVID. The victim, a man in his thirties, revealed that he had a serious bout with the virus, which leaded to severe performance limiting results.

But, does that mean men are susceptible to losing valuable inches or centimeters on their most priced bodily possession? 

Although it has not been medically proven, several studies have verified that COVID-19 does affect one’s blood flow. And as most of us know, blood flow has a direct impact on erection quality. Blood circulation problems are the most common cause of erectile dysfunction. After all, an erection is just a collection of blood in a penis. Problems in the body with blood circulation, whether it be caused by blood clots, diabetes, obesity, or something else, will most likely be unable to amass an erection. Poor blood circulation is a possible long-term COVID-19 effect.

But you’re probably not reading this blog post to see if COVID-19 leads to ED, which it probably does according to Urologist, Dr. Judson Brandeis. You’re probably reading this to find out if your “little man” is going to shrink post-covid infection, right?

The good news is that Playboy Magazine just published an interesting interview with Susan Bratton, leading Intimacy Expert, about whether the claims of shrinkage may be true or just a myth.

In the interview she covers: 

  • The Relationship Between COVID19 & Erectile Dysfunction
  • Covid & Shrinkage (Loss of Size)
  • How COVID Can Affect Women’s Sexual Performance
  • Natural Remedies That May Help

CLICK HERE to check out the interview now.
PS: The interview is in Spanish, but you can translate it by selecting the translate option on your web browser. 

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