How Do You Treat Peyronie’s Disease?

Treatment recommendations for Peyronie’s disease depend on how long the afflicted patient has been experiencing symptoms and the severity of their condition. Treatment options may include injections, medications, and, in some serious cases, corrective surgery. Men may also opt to have GAINSWave® therapy, which is a non-invasive treatment that uses low-intensity sound waves to promote blood vessel and tissue growth in the penis.

The Mayo Clinic reports that Peyronie’s disease is when scar tissue causes a significant bend in the penis that can lead to severe pain and difficulty in having sex. Although this illness is often attributed to an injury or trauma that resulted in penile scar tissue, it can also be a result of a connective tissue disorder, genetic predisposition, or age.

Doctors can diagnose Peyronie’s disease by performing a physical examination or imaging scans.

Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease

According to the University of Utah, Peyronie’s disease mostly affects men who are around 55 years old and is present in 4% to 13% of the male population. The curvature of the penis or lumps beneath the skin shouldn’t be a cause for concern. The University of Utah reports that many men initially seek medical attention for Peyronie’s disease fearing that they have cancer.

The Mayo Clinic reports that symptoms of Peyronie’s disease include:

  • Penile pain, with or without an erection
  • Shortening of the penis
  • Problems getting or maintaining an erection
  • Lumps underneath the skin
  • Other penile deformities, such as an hourglass shape

Seeking medical attention as soon as he becomes aware of these symptoms means that a man has access to treatment sooner.

Treatment Options for Peyronie’s Disease

Thanks to advances in technology, men have many options when choosing how to treat Peyronie’s disease.

These include:

  • Oral medications: The University of Michigan reports that doctors may prescribe prescription-strength drugs or oral medications that help reduce scar tissue.
  • Injections: A patient may receive shots directly into the scar tissue to break down plaque in penile blood vessels.
  • Surgery: Depending on the severity of the disease, surgical techniques for treating Peyronie’s disease may include plication, grafting, or inserting a penile prosthesis.

Before prescribing any of these treatments, a doctor may first recommend a change in a patient’s diet and lifestyle. A medical professional can provide a patient with more information on what these changes may include.

GAINSWave® Therapy is a Revolutionary Shockwave Treatment

The GAINSWave® treatment is an emerging, non-invasive therapy designed to treat Peyronie’s disease and other conditions related to erectile dysfunction and uses low-intensity sound waves to promote blood flow and tissue growth in the penis. These high-frequency shockwaves are applied to several areas of the affected region and can break up the plaque and scarring that contribute to Peyronie’s disease. Shockwave therapy is a low-risk procedure that is producing notable improvements in those experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Before the process begins, a numbing cream is applied to the penis to lower discomfort. Each treatment lasts only 20 to 30 minutes, meaning men are in and out with little disruption to their normal routine. It’s recommended that to experience the full benefits of the GAINSWave® treatment a man should undergo six to 12 procedures. Some men report seeing immediate improvements in their sex lives in the days following their first treatment.

A study published in the Korean Journal of Urology presents a statistic finding that 70% of participants were satisfied with their results.

Some of the differences men report following their GAINSWave® therapy regimen include:

  • Reduced refraction periods
  • Stronger orgasms
  • Increased stamina during sex
  • Increased libido
  • Reduced pain in affected areas
  • Penile growth
  • Increased penis sensitivity
  • Boost in mood and overall confidence

This form of treatment is an attractive option for today’s busy men. Men all over the world are seeing a boost in their sex life following the GAINSWave® treatment.

Men Should Talk to a Doctor About GAINSWave® Therapy

While Peyronie’s disease isn’t preventable or curable, it is manageable with treatment. GAINSWave® therapy is changing the way the medical community treats and improves men’s sexual health. A diagnosis of Peyronie’s disease doesn’t have to change the way a man lives his life. GAINSWave® therapy can help him regain sexual intimacy with his partner sooner rather than later.

Men can ask a doctor if the GAINSWave® treatment is an option for him and a way to treat Peyronie’s disease. Reducing scar tissue in the penis can help alleviate pain and help him unlock his full potential. Men can browse the GAINSWave® treatment directory to get started.

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