What Are the Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease?

Painful erections and deformities are just a few symptoms of Peyronie’s disease, according to Cedars Sinai. Patients with this condition experience an often painful curvature or bending of the penis due to scar tissue buildup.

Once a man starts to experience possible symptoms of Peyronie’s disease, it is important that he promptly seek medical attention. The sooner a doctor can properly diagnose a man’s condition, the sooner he can begin recovering.

How long a man has been suffering from Peyronie’s disease will determine what kind of treatment his doctor may recommend for him, including injections, medication, or even surgery in severe cases. Many men with this condition find that GAINSWave® therapy, a non-invasive shockwave therapy, effectively treats their symptoms. The GAINSWave® treatment uses low-intensity sound waves to encourage blood flow to the penis and stimulate tissue growth.

Common Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is most commonly associated with trauma or injury to the penis, according to the Mayo Clinic. As the wounded area begins to heal, scar tissue develops within the penis, making it difficult for it to function properly or to maintain form. However, many men can’t recall an injury to the penile area that would cause such a condition. Other factors that are related to Peyronie’s disease include genetic predisposition, connective tissue disorders, and age.

Symptoms of Peyronie’s disease include:

  • A lump under the skin of the penis (not cancerous)
  • The curving or bending of the penis
  • Trouble achieving or maintaining an erection
  • Pain, with or without an erection
  • Penile shortening
  • Other penile deformities, such as an hourglass shape or noticeable indentations

Having a curved or bent penis alone isn’t cause for concern. The main issue arises from significant pain or difficulty having sex. Discussing these symptoms with your GAINSWave® provider may be uncomfortable, yet necessary for diagnosis. Our doctors can often identify the disease with a physical exam or by using an ultrasound.

Men More Likely to Develop Peyronie’s

According to the University of Utah Health Hospitals and Clinics, men at about the age of 55 are the most affected by Peyronie’s disease. Around 4% to 13% of the male population has this affliction. While the disease isn’t preventable, it’s important to be screened for other health issues before seeking treatment solely for Peyronie’s disease, as there are risk factors for developing the disease.

The GAINSWave® Treatment Has Proven Results

GAINSWave® therapy is a clinically proven way of treating Peyronie’s disease. This no-surgery, no-pill method uses low-intensity shock waves to break down scar tissue and increase blood flow throughout the penis. Although many men may associate shockwaves with electrical jolts, this is a painless procedure. Numbing cream is applied to the penis before therapy begins, and the treatment process takes under 20 minutes. While it is recommended that patients undergo six to 12 treatments for optimal results, some men report an improvement in their erections later that same day.

There are no reported side effects of GAINSWave® treatments. According to the Korean Journal of Urology, 4 out of 6 participants reported a reduction in penile pain, and 70% of participants reported recommending this therapy to others. Another study published in Therapeutic Advances in Urology states that most men who receive the shock wave therapy report lasting results for up to two years following the completion of their regimen.

GAINSWave® Therapy Can Change a Man’s Life

Although there is no cure for Peyronie’s disease, there are many treatments that can help promote a better sex life. Whether a man’s erectile dysfunction is from Peyronie’s disease or another health complication, the GAINSWave® treatment can help improve his sexual health.

With GAINSWave® therapy, there are no prescription drug treatments or invasive surgeries, just acoustic soundwaves designed to promote healing.

After receiving GAINSWave® treatment, patients report:

  • Increased penile sensation
  • Stronger orgasms
  • Increased stamina during sex
  • More frequent erections
  • Improved confidence and overall mood
  • Harder and fuller erections
  • Decreased refractory period

If a man experiences symptoms related to Peyronie’s disease or erectile dysfunction, he can ask a GAINSWave® therapy provider for treatment options. He shouldn’t have to suffer through the pain and dissatisfaction that comes along with Peyronie’s disease.

Many men use GAINSWave® therapy to improve their sexual performance. The GAINSWave® treatment has been lauded for its cutting-edge, revolutionary techniques from ABC News and Men’s Health. Sufferers of Peyronie’s disease don’t settle for a less than satisfactory sex life. Interested parties can learn more about GAINSWave® therapy today by searching in the provider directory.

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