Biohacking Men’s Sexual Health For Over 40 with Over 40 Fitness Hacks Podcast

Calling all men over 40!


Don’t miss the latest episode of the Over 40 Fitness Hacks podcast, where host Brad Williams engages in an insightful conversation with intimacy expert Susan Bratton about enhancing your sexual health.

In this episode, Susan addresses common issues faced by men in their 40s, including performance anxiety, premature ejaculation, and diminished sexual sensation. She emphasizes how lifestyle factors like obesity and processed foods can impact sexual health, attributing some of these concerns to declining testosterone levels.

Susan delves into sexual biohacking and male enhancement techniques, discussing the benefits of a vacuum erection device called the Whopper, red light therapy, penile traction, and more to combat erectile dysfunction and reverse penile atrophy. She also emphasizes the importance of nitric oxide for optimal blood flow to the pelvic area and suggests citrulline-based supplements for boosting nitric oxide production.

If you’re over 40 and looking to reinvigorate your sexual vitality, this podcast episode with Susan Bratton provides valuable insights and practical advice. Tune in to discover ways to enhance your sexual health and lead a more fulfilling life!

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