AskMen Tries Out GAINSWave® to See What All the Hype is Really About

AskMen contributor, Zachary Zane, wanted to experience GAINSWave for himself and see what all the hype was about.   After hearing about GAINSWave on the Doctor’s Farmacy podcast from guest Dr. George Shapiro, Zane decided to seek him out to see what the truth was behind the dozens of clinical research papers that have been written about GAINSWave and the extracorporeal shockwave therapy that is literally getting thousands of happy men back

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FOX 24 Health Headlines: GAINSWave Provides Impressive Results To Men With ED

June is Men’s Health Month, and FOX 24 News recently rolled out a Health Headlines segment shedding light on a solution to a very private problem that millions of men are facing today – Erectile Dysfunction. FOX News 24 North Carolina visited Charleston Men’s Health Clinic to meet with Dr. Markovitz and a patient to discuss GAINSWave and find out

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Dr. Amy B. Killen Visits the Man Amongst Men Podcast to Talk Men’s Sexual Health

Woman Amongst Men GAINWave® provider and Board Certified Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine expert, Dr. Amy B. Killen, recently visited the New York Offices of Man Amongst Men to discuss male sexual health with hosts Dominick Quartuccio and Bryan Stacy. In this funny and informative episode, Dr. Killen provides an overview of how Testosterone can affect your libido, practical habits to help and common causes

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