How Veterans Are Benefiting from GAINSWave®

Chronic stress, physical wounds, and PTSD are all factors that lead to erectile dysfunction (ED). In this Sonoran Living ABC15 news segment, Dr. Dan Larke speaks on how he uses GAINSWave® to help veterans with this condition.     Watch Video:     Did you know:   – Veterans under the age of 40 are 3x more likely to have ED.  – Only 12% of

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Eliminating ED with GAINSWave® on Great Day News

Dr. Timothy Blend was invited to speak on Green Day Tampa Bay about an issue most men experience, but virtually always deny – erectile dysfunction. About 50% of men ranging from 40-60 years of age experience ED. It’s natural, but don’t wait for things to get worse. Finding a solution is just a click away with GAINSWave® – even if

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GAINSWave® The Big Thing in Sexual Biohacking

What do biohacking superstar Ben Greenfield, anti-aging physician Dr. Amy Killen and the “Dear Abby of Hot Sex” Susan Bratton have in common? Sexual biohacking! This Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast unlocks the doors to some of the most fascinating sexual biohacks that you and your partner should be trying right now. Listen to Biohacking Podcast Below: Special Offer – Take

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