Dave Asprey Praises GAINSWave in His New Book

Dave Asprey, Mr. Bulletproof himself just dropped his new book, Super Human: The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever, and people everywhere are already poring over it to find the keys to living a longer, better life.   What they’ll find inside is the next evolution of Asprey’s mission to live to live at least until his 180th birthday.  What many

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Biohacker, Danny Vega’s GAINSWave Experience Tell-all

Danny Vega of Fat Fueled Family is a celebrity biohacker, Keto expert and father of the year. After reading about Dave Asprey’s results with GAINSWave in Asprey’s best-seller, Game Changers, Danny decided to get the treatment himself and document the entire journey! “It was like being gob smacked. The idea that total health and wellness should include your sexual health

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Dave Asprey Talks GAINSWave® on The Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

When it comes to You 2.0, few are as prominent a figure in the world of biohacking as Dave Asprey. In this episode, hosts Monica Padman and Dax Shepard, dive deep to see what makes Dave tick. Some of the topics they discuss include his transition from tech to health, his experience working through PTSD, and how GAINSWave® therapy figures

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