The Urology Times Looks at the GAINSWave S.W.E.E.T. Study

The Shock Wave Erectile Enhancement Trial, or SWEET study, has really only just begun, but the buzz around it is already building. In the September issue of the Urology Times, the SWEET study was recognized as an interesting study in development. The SWEET study is the first large-scale investigation into the efficacy of shock wave therapy (GAINSWave) for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Among the questions this study hopes to answer are:

  • What is the optimal treatment protocol for patients of different ages
  • What is the best protocol for maintenance therapy?
  • Who benefits most and least from shock wave therapy?

Up to this point, research into this subject has been limited to smaller-scale trials, but because of the incredible reach of the GAINSWave brand, the study has been able to include dozens of providers and hundreds of participants from around the country.

Chad Moulder

An avid consumer of media and likely the world's oldest child prodigy, Chad Moulder is a writer whose background includes a stint in the military, several tours through college, and lots and lots of writing covering everything from legalese to marketing to fiction.