The Defining Dad Bod Podcast Talks GAINSWave

While health and longevity has long occupied the limelight, an area that has been overlooked for far too long is how we treat and improve our sexual health.  

Recently, The Defining Dad Bod podcast spoke with GAINSWave® Director of Clinical Excellence, Dr. Judson Brandeis about male sexual health for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. In the episode, they spoke at length about how the penis actually works and clever hacks for getting the most from your member. No conversation about sexual health would be complete without addressing the elephant in the room, though: ED.

Listen to the podcast now:

Dr. Brandeis covers a lot of useful information in this episode, so if you are interested in male sexual optimization or treating ED with a safe, non-invasive solution with no surgery or downtime, then use the link below to find a provider near you. 

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Chad Moulder

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