How Do You Regain Sexual Function After a Prostatectomy?

Regain Confidence After Prostate Surgery with GAINSWave

This week,, the internet’s source for news and information regarding prostate cancer and prostate health posted about the many strategies available for treating and recovering from prostate surgery. No matter if it’s from cancer, inflammation, or BPH, issues concerning the prostate have far reaching effects for any man that suffers from them. The diagnosis is actually only the first obstacle these men face as they quickly need to begin considering treatment. 

Unfortunately, getting cured isn’t where the work of healing ends. For many men following prostate surgery, a long stretch of healing and modification lies in wait. Trouble with urination and erectile dysfunction are wildly common occurrences following a radical prostatectomy. So much so, that urologists typically include a prescription for one of those ED pills when they are discharged from care.  

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As the science gets better and more and more men begin to investigate less-invasive, safer treatments, the buzz around GAINSWave as a treatment option continues to grow. This fast, non-invasive therapy uses sound waves to break up plaque and trigger the growth of new blood vessels and nerves resulting in not only restored sexual function, but also greater enjoyment through the improved nerve sensation. 

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Free eBook: The Urologist’s Guide to Better Erections After Prostate Cancer

GAINSWave Director of Clinical Excellence and Board-Certified urologist, Dr. Judson Brandeis recently dived deeper into many of the common issues that affect the prostate, including cancer, inflammation and BPH as well as many of their treatments in his free eBook, The Urologist’s Guide to Better Erections After Prostate Cancer. Dr. Brandeis also goes into further detail about ED therapy post-treatment, specifically why he now uses GAINSWave to treat ED over and before looking into other, more invasive procedures like surgery or implants. 

If you or a loved one is experiencing regular ED that came on after a prostate treatment, before you reach for the scalpel or the pills, you should look at all the options available to you. Unlike pills, there’s no side effects or tolerance to worry about. And unlike surgery or implants, there’s nothing invasive about the GAINSWave procedure, making it an inherently safer option for treating ED.  

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