New Day Cleveland Interviews Dr. Kroth About GAINSWave®

Although erectile dysfunction is a shameful topic of discussion amongst men, it doesn’t need to be.

New Day Cleveland on Fox is opening up the conversation with PA Green Wellness’ Dr. Stephen Kroth and Jennifer Frey.

Dr. Kroth shares how GAINSWave focuses on healing and rejuvenation by doing what no other erectile dysfunction treatment can – promoting the growth of new blood vessels. In addition, he and Jennifer discuss the following:

  • When men should consider GAINSWave?
  • How treatment can benefit men taking Viagra and Cialis.
  • The importance of routine maintenance.
  • Payment options.

Watch Segment Here:

It’s your turn to take action:
If you answer yes to the following questions, we encourage you to speak with a doctor in your area that provides treatment.

  • Are you experiencing symptoms of ED or Peyronie’s disease?
  • Do you ever rely on erectile dysfunction medication?
  • Are you looking to deliver a better bedroom performance?

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Adrian Gonzalez

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