Need a Boost in the Bedroom?

Did you know 50% of men in their 50s experience erectile dysfunction? And that number only increases with age. Dr. Cheryl Matossian and Dr. Mimi Sato-Re of Folsom Family & Sports Medical Group have just the solution, GAINSWave®.  

This noninvasive procedure for ED focuses on treating the root cause, poor blood flow, by using high-frequency, low-intensity soundwaves. GAINSWave is clinically-proven, safe and effective, and even men with diabetes and high blood pressure have seen great results.  

This simple in-office treatment is convenient with many men receiving during their lunch hour. There is no downtime and some men can experience results the same day. 

Watch the FOX 40 Live link below featuring Dr. Cheryl Matossian and Dr. Mimi Sato-Re! 


Want to experience these same long-lasting results? Contact your GAINSWave provider to learn more about this treatment or find a provider near you. 

Mark White

Mark White is the CEO of the marketing and branding company, Vitality Connect. Passionate about helping people live healthier lives, White created Vitality Connect in 2016 to get the word out about life-changing anti-aging treatments like GAINSWave, the premium brand of shockwave therapy used to treat erectile dysfunction and optimize sexual performance