Men’s Journal Magazine Investigates Shockwave Therapy’s Science

Few letters cause more Americans as much grief as ED. Especially if you are a man over the age of 30, chances are pretty good that you have experienced at least one ED event in your life and for men over 40, those chances jump to almost one in five suffering some kind of mild or moderate ED event. As we get older, the risk increases but it isn’t like we’re helpless.  

Great strides have been made in catching many of the underlying causes of ED early. Unfortunately, while we have gotten very good at addressing diabetes, heart disease, and hormone imbalances what we have not addressed much is our overall sexual health. What good is the know-how if the equipment doesn’t work properly? 

This month, Men’s Journal took a look at the science behind the sound waves that are giving hundreds of thousands of men back the vigor of their youth. Utilizing high frequency, low intensity sound waves, GAINSWave helps to break up the decades of micro-plaque that has built up as well as stimulating the growth factors that helps bring blood and sensation to the penis. The result? Firmer erections and more satisfied orgasms. 

Read Full Article on Men’s Journal.

If you or a loved one is experiencing ED, why not take a look at the industry leader in providing non-surgical, non-invasive ED therapy with no side effects or downtime, meaning getting treated doesn’t have to impact your busy schedule.

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