Men’s Health Writer Still has GAINSWave on the Mind…4 Month’s Later

On a warm, summer day in June, contributing writer Zane Zachary walked into Cenegenics New York to receive his very first GAINSWave® treatment from Dr. Shapiro and his expert staff. At the time, he noted that he thought he was noticing some improvement right after therapy, but wasn’t sure if it was working as advertised. 

Cut to four months later, in an article for Men’s Health, it looks like GAINSWave was still on his mind as he writes about his GAINSWave experience while testing the efficacy of a premature ejaculation spray. The jury is still out about whether or not the spray is effective for treating premature ejaculation, but what is telling is that he seems to have discovered what hundreds of thousands of men across the country have already figured out: GAINSWave works. 

You don’t have to suffer from ED to benefit from GAINSWave treatment. For many high achievers, like Dave Asprey for example, GAINSWave is how they’ve been able to optimize their sex lives; leading to stronger, more frequent erections that are not only firmer but much more satisfying to work with and enjoy. 

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Chad Moulder

An avid consumer of media and likely the world's oldest child prodigy, Chad Moulder is a writer whose background includes a stint in the military, several tours through college, and lots and lots of writing covering everything from legalese to marketing to fiction.