How Men Are Living Their Best Lives With GAINSWave® – CBS LA

CBS LA is launching their “Best Life” campaign, a series dedicated to shedding light on innovative treatments Americans can utilize to live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

On a recent episode, CBS LA visited urologist, Michael Hyman of L.A. Sexual Health to learn about how men are using GAINSWave as a long-term solution for erectile dysfunction. In the segment, Dr. Hyman explains how the therapy works and a patient shares how it has changed his life.

Watch Segment: 


If you live in the LA and would like to connect with Dr. Hyman to see if GAINSWave is right for you, access his contact information here:… 

GAINSWave therapy is available across the country.
If you’re located in another state or area of California, click the link below to see which doctors in your area provide treatment:

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