GAINSWave® Takes Center Stage on Uncovered with Dr. Laura Berman

Biohacking the Aging Penis with Dr. BrandeisDr. Laura Berman, widely considered a leading voice on all things sex, love and relationships, recently featured GAINSWave Director of Clinical Excellence and board-certified urologist, Dr. Judson Brandeis, on a recent episode of her wildly popular podcast Uncovered. In the episode entitled Too Risqué for Radio, Dr. Brandeis shares his insights with Dr. Berman about the best ways to support male sexual health throughout adulthood, plus hacks for a getting the most from the bedroom. 

They discuss not only the benefits of undergoing the GAINSWave procedure, but also talk about candidacy, the science behind the treatment, and what a man can expect. While discussing expectations, they also cover many of the frequently asked questions that men have when considering this therapy, including a description of the device and therapy, what it feels like to undergo the procedure, and cover how, with no side effects or downtime, getting treated doesn’t have to disrupt your schedule. 

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