GAINSWave® Provider on Fox 10 News

Did you know 55% of Americans take prescription drugs regularly? That’s why age management medicine specialist, Dr. C.B. Daniel, has turned to GAINSWave® to better treat his patients with erectile dysfunction.

Dr. Daniel explains on Fox News 10 that the treatment uses soundwaves to increase blood flow without any of the side effects of pharmaceuticals. Patients usually have between 6-12 sessions depending on severity, and progress improves as the treatments build. He’s treated 200 men in his clinic and seen a 95% success rate.

Watch the segment to hear all about it!

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Mark White

Mark White is the CEO of the marketing and branding company, Vitality Connect. Passionate about helping people live healthier lives, White created Vitality Connect in 2016 to get the word out about life-changing anti-aging treatments like GAINSWave, the premium brand of shockwave therapy used to treat erectile dysfunction and optimize sexual performance