GAINSWave Featured on the Dr. Drew Podcast with Dr. Brandeis




On a recent episode of the Dr. Drew Podcast, GAINSWave Director of Excellence, Dr. Judson Brandeis joined in for an in-depth discussion about prostate cancer, radical prostatectomies, and overcoming post-surgery ED with GAINSWave. In the hour-long episode, the doctors discuss everything from cancer to clinical trials to what a man can hope to achieve with this innovative, low-risk procedure that has already helped hundreds of thousands of men optimize their sexual function and overcome ED...even after a radical prostatectomy. 

Biohacking the Aging PenisIf you are a man who is or has suffered ED after a radical prostatectomy, then you’ll definitely want to check out Dr. Brandeis’ free eBook, Biohacking the Aging Penis, available here. Download your copy now!

Listen to Episode 394: Biohacking the Aging Penis with Dr. Brandeis now: 


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