FOX 24 Segment: GAINSWave Provides Impressive Results to Men With ED

June is Men’s Health Month, and FOX 24 News recently rolled out a Health Headlines segment shedding light on a solution to a very private problem that millions of men are facing today – Erectile Dysfunction.

FOX News 24 North Carolina visited Charleston Men’s Health Clinic to meet with Dr. Markovitz and a patient to discuss GAINSWave and find out how the results have provided huge benefits to over 120 patients treated by Dr. Markovitz.

Watch News Here:

In this FOX 24 Health Headlines segment, Dr. Markovitz provides an in-depth explanation of how GAINSWave works and his patient describes why he originally was interested in the treatment and how it has helped him gain more confidence and increase his ability to remain intimate.

To connect with Dr. Markovitz in Charleston, CLICK HERE.

If you don’t live in South Carolina and are interested in seeing if a doctor in your area provides GAINSWave, CLICK HERE.

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