Is it Erectile Dysfunction or Just an Off Night?

Recently, the EDGE Media Network caught up with GAINSWave provider, Dr. Gary Guarnaccia of Manhattan Medical Associates to discuss ED, the symptoms and warning signs, and also some of the contributing factors that can lead to the onset of ED in men of any age.

As the conversation regarding male sexual health moves out of the doctor’s office and into the limelight, more and more men are looking into this safe, innovative treatment that has already helped hundred of thousands of men. Using low intensity, high frequency acoustic waves instead of scalpels or needles, GAINSWave therapy has been clinically shown to deliver a success rate of more than 75%!

Therapy, treatment typically takes less than half an hour, and with no side effects or downtime, getting treated no longer means making compromises with your schedule.

Find your local provider now or read the full article on EDGE!

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