Dr. Mejia – GAINSWave In The News

Great Day Live 10 News Tampa invited Dr. Gil Mejia of Rejuvenate Your Life to speak about a revolutionary solution to improve sexual performance and reverse erectile dysfunction – GAINSWave®.

In this thought-provoking interview, Dr. Mejia touches on the importance of addressing ED.

“Erectile dysfunction is a silent killer of manhood, confidence and great relationships,” shares Mejia.

Watch The Interview:

GAINSWave focuses on treating the root of ED, improving blood flow to the penis, removing micro-plaque, and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels. Little blue pills only treat symptoms, while GAINSWave addresses the root of the condition.

If you’re tired of relying on a pill to be temporarily intimate with your partner, CLICK HERE to locate and connect with a GAINSWave provider near you.

Mark White

Mark White is the CEO of the marketing and branding company, Vitality Connect. Passionate about helping people live healthier lives, White created Vitality Connect in 2016 to get the word out about life-changing anti-aging treatments like GAINSWave, the premium brand of shockwave therapy used to treat erectile dysfunction and optimize sexual performance