Dr. Amy Killen Explains Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Amy Killen on the JJ Virgin Podcast - Episode 316

One of the most interesting frontiers in modern medicine is Regenerative Medicine. On her podcast celebrated health and wellness authority, JJ Virgin, interviews GAINSWave® provider and Board-Certified physician, Dr. Amy Killen, about this exciting field that is restoring vitality to thousands. Although many think of Regenerative Medicine in terms of cosmetic optimizations, Dr. Killen explains that this approach to medicine actually has far-reaching benefits that many don’t typically consider.

When our bodies are injured or suffering from a disease, the body issues a response that is meant to heal and defend. As we age however, many maladies that we suffer are actually degenerative in nature and happen over time which doesn’t trigger this response. What Regenerative Medicine focuses on is the instigation of this natural process to give the body the ability to repair or optimize itself.

This process can be manipulated to benefit the body in a number of ways, including GAINSWave therapy. Using acoustic waves, GAINSWave triggers the body’s natural growth factors by telling the body that there is an injury that needs to be addressed. In response, the body then begins repairing and restoring both the blood vessels and nerve bundles which results in a firmer, more satisfying erection and more intense orgasms.

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