Dr. Amy B. Killen Talks Better Sex on the Life to The Max! Podcast

Have you been wondering about all the buzz around stem cells and exosomes for treating ED and improving sex? Have you heard about GAINSWave or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatmentand were wondering if it can help you improve in the bedroom?

GAINSWave provider and Board-Certified physician, Dr. Amy B. Killen recently invited fitness personality Janna Breslin and sports and nutrition expert, Evan DeMarco to her clinic for a recent episode of the Life to The Max podcast. In the episode, Dr. Killen put the duo through a battery of medical procedures, culminating with a candid conversation about sexual health.

Many are interested in how GAINSWave works and how this natural, noninvasive therapy has already helped thousands of men experience some of the best sex of their lives.

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