Dominick Whelton Discusses GAINSWave

Dominick Whelton, leading LGBT blogger & content creator, with over 180K followers on Instagram, recently interviewed GAINSWave Provider and President of Novus Anti-Aging Center on the overall success his patients have with GAINSWave®.

GAINSWave uses soundwaves to clear out all of that built up plaque we have in the blood vessels below the waistline while promoting the growth of new blood vessels. Dustin also reveals how as both a provider and patient he has seen first hand how beneficial the treatment has been, which is why he has already seen a 90% success rate.

In this episode, Dustin describes how the technology behind GAINSWave in not actually new. In fact, it has been around for the last 15 years and was used in Europe to treat ED, but was just recently introduced to the U.S. The good news is, this game-changing therapy isn’t just for older men suffering from ED, it’s also beneficial for men who simply want to improve their sexual performance.

Why is GAINSWave Important

Picture this:

Right now, most of the blood vessels in our penises are as congested as the freeways in California during rush hour. The soundwaves break up this plaque (the traffic), create more lanes (new blood vessels) to make sure more cars (blood flow) get to their destination on time (you know what I mean here ?).

So why is this important? Well if you have ED, do you really want to have to sneak away to pop a pill when things are getting hot and heavy – then wait 30 minutes for the effects to kick in? Or would you rather be ready to go anywhere, any time?

If you don’t have ED, it’ll take you from a Clark Kent performance rating to Superman status.

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