Discussing GAINSWave® on the Dr. Ruscio Radio Podcast

On a recent Dr. Ruscio Radio podcast featuring Board-certified Urologist, Dr. Judson Brandeis, and best-selling author of Healthy Gut, Healthy You, Dr. Michael Ruscio, the two physicians lift the veil on a male health topic that is largely ignored. The discussion shed light on why men should focus on Erectile Optimization to avoid Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Episode Guide:

  • Episode Intro … 00:00:40
  • Erectile Dysfunction and Heart Health … 00:03:43
  • Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men … 00:05:54
  • What Is Shockwave Therapy (GAINSWave)? … 00:07:34
  • Shockwave Therapy for ED: Studies … 00:11:42
  • Natural Herbs for ED Treatment … 00:15:03
  • PRP or the “P Shot” … 00:19:05
  • GAINSWave Review … 00:22:42
  • Does Shockwave Therapy for ED Work? … 00:27:04
  • Can Low Testosterone Cause ED? … 00:28:18
  • Testosterone Lab Tests … 00:32:00
  • Shockwave Therapy for ED Cost … 00:35:40
  • Episode Wrap Up … 00:36:42

According to a recent report by the Cleveland Clinic, 40% of men experience ED by the age of 40 and nearly 70% of men are affected by the age of 70. During the discussion, Brandeis shares why he and hundreds of medical professionals in the US are now utilizing a shockwave therapy known as GAINSWave ® as a preventative measure for ED.

“I’ve done six treatments with GAINSWave and after my third week, it was pretty remarkable. I could certainly notice increased blood flow. Without a doubt, that was achieved,” shares Ruscio with Brandeis during the podcast discussion.

Whether you have ED and are tired of suffering or are looking to prevent it from occurring in the future, CLICK HERE to speak with a doctor near you that provides treatment.

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